Small Merch Pack


Grab an ogoc sticker pack.

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    • High-quality vinyl stickers, they are fade resistant for 3 – 5 years. The printing is water resistant too. Plus Acrylic Charms which can be attached to your keys, or hung somewhere.


    Pack Usually Includes:
    1x “Output Gaming” Magnet (~75mm)
    1x “Output Gaming” Holo Sticker (~75mm)
    1x “Output Gaming” Sticker (~75mm)
    1x “King of the Hill” Holo Sticker (~75mm)
    NB: Sizes are height of the sticker. Width is slightly lower than the height of the item.
    1x “Output Gaming” Charm (~50mm)
    1x “King of the Hill” Charm (~50mm)
    NB: Charm Sizes are fairly round. Number shown is diameter. Charms are 3mm thick.
    NOTE: Merch is sent out based on what is available. You will typically get ~6 items, but may occasionally have extra’s, or have different types of stickers substituted based on availability.
    Stick them on your case, your car or even your desk.

**This Merchandise pack does not come with Contributor Days**


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