Arma3 Contributions

We are allowing Contributions towards bonuses on our ARMA3 Services

As per the below Monetization schedule, we are allowing players to contribute towards Reserved Slots and limited in-game VIP bonuses. Contributions start at $5 per 31 days of in-game VIP.

As of the present eXile servers CANNOT be Monetized, so there are NO in-game bonuses for eXile servers.

You can read up on their announcement at

A bit more about contributing

On Vanilla Servers, we may have generally 8 – 16 Reserved slots. On RHS Servers, only 10% of total slots will be Reserved. For example, an 80 slot server, would have 8 Reserved slots

Reserved slots are available for Contributors, and OutputGaming Staff/Admins/Moderators.

Rules relating to your Contribution

We will only be accepting Paypal Contributions, with a minimum of $5 per contribution. This will start you off with 31 days access to one of the reserved slots on any of our servers, with each additional $5 increasing the reserve slot expiry by 31 days.

Contributions are only refundable for the first 24 hours after the initial donation is made, and if the donation itself has not been claimed. If a Dispute is put in place, an account will be locked from the server until sorted. Please email [email protected] to sort out any issues, as there’s no reason to resort to this.

This contribution will NOT entitle you to breach of either the OutputGaming Rulesets OR the Sa-Matra Rulesets. Any Bans incurred for failure to adhere to rules will still be applicable, and no reimbursement for the time banned can be provided on a Reserve Slot.

After you have contributed.

If you have contributed once, we will automatically apply any contributions from your PayPal Email ID to your linked up GUID. If you wish this to be attributed to another GUID, please let us know, and we can change this.

Contributions are automatically processed every half hour, so if you have contributed before, it should be attributed within 30 – 60 minutes or so!

In-game items can take upwards of 24 hours to apply if you haven’t already got an active contribution.

If you have any issues with your slot not working after 48 hours, please email [email protected], with your Paypal Email Address, and Steam URL / GUID.