ARMAKoTH Custom Badge & VIP Status – Add 6 Months


Contribution days included: 186



Players have the ability to order a custom in-game badge for use on OutputGaming Servers.

Some notes and terms surrounding this:

  • This badge can be shown next to your player name in-game, and will be available for yourself, and you may also generate codes (via a help ticket) for other players to unlock it as well.
  • It will not be made available to the general public without your approval/request.
  • This product is PER BADGE. Multiple badges can be purchased additionally.
  • Badge expiry will not be less than 12 months. You will retain it for at least 12 months on our servers.
  • This product will also contain an additional 186 days (6 months) of VIP time per purchase.

Redemption Instructions

If you’ve decided to purchase this product, please note that the following will need to be adhered to

  • You must open a ticket through Discord via the #contact-us channel once the purchase is done to claim and setup the badge
  • Badge cannot contain inappropriate content such as nudity, abuse, etc per our standard rules
  • Minimum size of a provided badge is 256×256, the image must always be a 1:1 ratio. Larger images can be scaled down by us, that’s fine!
  • It’s advised to avoid the following with your badge images because it may not come out correct:
    • Small Text writing within it – It doesn’t end up looking good in-game
    • Super small objects – It will be scaled down to 64×64 at the minimal, so it can look bad if it’s got lots of small details
  • You can use Transparency in your image
  • The process of adding badges is time consuming, so it may take a week or so for them to be added into the game and made available, so please be patient!


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