Arma3 KoTH Rules

The admins and mods will ensure the flow of the game allows all to enjoy themselves. It is at the discretion of admins/mods to remove players if they are disrupting the flow of the game.

Modifications to these rules

Output Gaming reserves the right to modify these rules at any time without prior notification. It is the players’ responsibility to keep up to date.


Discord servers are provided for our members and guests to use for;

  • OGOC admin and support queries.
  • In-game player/team communication.
  • General social banter.

Disputes, Arbitration & Game Communication

Admin will not discuss rules, ban/kick decisions or any other matters in game. 

All disputes, queries or questions, are to be lodged through Discord. All queries are dealt with in confidence.


If you believe some is cheating or breaking a rule, create a report ticket in Discord and include, where possible, the following with your evidence:

  • Date Time, Server Name.
  • The reporting players in-game name.
  • Team the reporting player was on.
  • The offenders in game name
  • Team the offender is on.
  • Description of events leading up to, and the offence.
  • Supporting players/witnesses.

Evidence will be required to report a player, your word or the word of others is not sufficient proof to kick/ban a player.

We prefer video over screenshots as videos give us context. Ideally a minute before and after the instance you wish to report. Upload the video to YouTube as an unlisted video please keep it up indefinitely.

Ban Appeals

Players can create a ticket in Discord for any dispute or appeal. The ticket must include the following were applicable:

  • Ban number (eg. ws12345 or HJk6yzKgQ etc…)
  •  In-game Name
  • Why the player believes they were banned
  • A sincere apology to the community, particular player or staff
  • The reason why the player believes they should be unbanned
  • Any video evidence or screenshots that support their arguments
  • Any ban appeals placed on the behalf of another player will be discarded.

Any ban appeals placed on the behalf of another player will be discarded. 

We do not discuss the ban with another player other than the banned player. We will not share or reveal evidence.

Ban Periods

We usually will warn, kick then ban a player breaking a rule. However, where necessary an admin/mod may jump any step.

Warnings can be verbal, or through the in-game chat.

Ban durations are usually 2 days, 7 days, 14 days, 30 days and finally permanent.

The ban length follows a set of internal guidelines and is at the discretion of the admin/mod applying the ban.

In some cases bans may be escalated to global ban as we share our bans with a wide range of communities. Repeat or severe offenders may result with permanent removal from OGOC and our affiliated communities.


Trolling is defined as the deliberate act of making random unsolicited and/or controversial comments with the intent to provoke a reaction, to engage in an argument with other players.

Griefing is defined as repeatedly performing actions in a game to prevent one or multiple players from enjoying the game.

Some examples below:

Friendly Asset Theft

Is defined by looting gear or taking a vehicle from a teammate without permission


General swearing is OK… If it’s aimed at someone or if  it is constant, it is at the discretion of the admin/mod to Warn, Mute, Kick or Ban a Player

Spamming VON/Chat

Constantly using VON/chat to the point where the gameplay is disrupted may have the offending player removed. 


Teamkilling is the action of killing team members.

Purposefully teamkilling is not tolerated & will be considered griefing. Repeated teamkilling can lead directly to a ban.

Teamkilling to ‘punish’ another player for an infraction instead of reporting it will be dealt like impersonating an admin/mod (see General abuse below).

Crashing the team helicopter, unless done purposefully, will not be considered teamkilling.

Shooting in Spawn

Shooting in spawn is considered trolling if the offending player is shooting at someone or at friendly assets. This includes the NPCs in the spawn hut.

Purposeful ramming in spawn.

Purposefully ramming the team’s assets will not be accepted and will get you removed, sometimes without a warning. Repeated ramming can have the player banned without a warning.

General abuse

Any derogatory comments aimed at other players (including admin/mods) or communities is not condoned. This includes but not limited to racism, sexism, harassment, bullying, attitude etc… 

Impersonation an admin/mod will not be tolerated and will see the offending player removed.

Swearing, insulting or trolling/griefing and admin/mod will not be tolerated. Staff who volunteer their time shouldn’t have to take abuse. Anyone arguing with admins/mods will be removed.

The removal of the offending player may be done without warning at the discretion of the admin/mod. This may also lead to a global ban.


Any persons or third party advertising on any of our servers will be removed from our servers., 

This does not include TeamSpeak or other servers unless it is done via global or side. Talk about other organisations that are part of the WS community is accepted (EPM, C4G, MGT).


Cheating is defined by using any type of mechanism to gain an unfair advantage on other players. This includes breaking a set of rules. Anyone helping a cheater will be dealt with as if they were cheating themselves. There are no exceptions to this rule. Cheating includes and is not limited to:


Is defined by using information gained outside of the limits prescribed by a game’s environment, using external factors to affect the game.

Players found to be using information outside of the game’s limits and/or environment will be removed.
For example, but not limited to:

Players joining another team to gather intel and swapping to kill.

Informing players from an opposing team the position of friendlies.

Using a stream/voice chat against players of the opposing team


Players found to be glitching/exploiting in-game bugs or glitches of any kind to gain an unfair advantage may be removed from the server

This includes and is not limited to: 

  • Wall Glitching. – Using third person to see through walls, zooming glitches, looking through tower floors.
  • Object Clipping – placing an object, such as an ATV, crate or wall inside the object frame of a vehicle so that the two objects clip together.
  • Duping – intentionally duping any in game items; This includes exiting the spawn radius and giving your friends your kit, then going back and rearming.
  • Intentionally destroying the blades on a helicopter to make it run silently is an exploit.
Macro/AFK Farming

AFK’ing in the AO, utilising a macro to avoid the game restrictions, or farming xp/money when the server is empty will result in the offending player being removed from the server. if you join a server you must join an opposing team. Players found to repeatedly be doing this, will be removed from the servers for longer periods. Not only does this disadvantage others but it is not in the spirit of the game, and is classed as evasion of the game mechanic. 

Lag switching, hacking or scripting

We will permanently remove (without warning) any player found to use any of these methods. This ban will be global.

Ban Evading

Anyone found to have multiple accounts, being banned for any reason, will also find their alternate accounts banned. The player will be permanently banned from the WS community as a whole.

Safe zones

The AO is the main objective of KOTH. Combat should be avoided around the safe zones.

You are not allowed to enter the safe zone of an opposing team. When chasing an enemy asset back to its safe zone you must break the contact as soon as it is reasonable to do so and cannot engage ground assets including landed aircraft in the safe zone. In addition, aircraft are not to loiter around safe zones, including their own.

You should not engage enemies from your safe zone unless being camped. For example: 

  • If your safe zone has a view of the AO, you must leave the safe zone before targeting the AO.
  • If you’re being targeted within your safe zone, or as you leave your safe zone you can fire from the safe zone defensively.

Any assets that are repairing on the service pad are not to be engaged.

Once landed in the safe zone, armed aircraft are not to shoot offensively.

Spawn Camping

Spawn camping is defined by players staying around an enemy safezone/spawn area. Continuous spawn camping by individual or groups of players can be considered griefing and/or trolling.

Admins/mods can use their discretion to ask players camping enemy safe zones/spawns to leave the area. Admins/mods will, at their discretion, remove players that are disrupting the flow of the game.