Welcome to Output Gaming Oceanic Community[OGOC]

We’re an Oceanic Based Gaming community which exists to provide services to its community Members.

From ARMA3 to Minecraft, we cater to a wide range of players. Founded by a team of Dedicated Admins. We have been providing Game Servers to the Oceanic Community since 2013. With some services originally operating under the banner and organisational structure of Team Revolt, and ASMyGS we have merged our separated Server Hosting into one new Name “Output Gaming”.

OutputGaming in its current form has been operating since June 2018. Our aim is not to sell servers to players but to accommodate it’s growing community, and provide to its players.

OGOC Squad severs
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Join in the automation

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Join in uncovering the nether

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Play together as a squad, 40 v 40

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Community Discord

Join our Community Discord. Support for our Arma Servers, and others can be found here.

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Minecraft Discord

Join our Minecraft Discord. General support for our Minecraft Servers, can be found here.

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TeamSpeak 3

We offer a free TeamSpeak 3 server, for community members to utilise to chat together via Audio.

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We’re community funded. Contribute to keep us running, Find more on the Contribute page.

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