VIP – Slots

Contributions start from $5 / 31 days. This excludes eXile as it cannot be Monetized.

For more information on what bonuses you get from Contributing, please see the FAQ below.

In Order to make it easier for players to enter their information, I have put in place the ability to use your Steam Login to generate your GUID. We will only store your UID/GUID from this, and will NOT obtain any other STEAM information from your account!

Login with steam to contribute

How they’re used

Contributions go towards keeping our servers online, paying our bandwidth, and putting up additional game servers.

  • We listen to our players, so if you know of a game which we can host on Linux or Windows servers, let us know, and we may be able to look into it.
  • We can put money towards a new colocation server, which will allow us to Increase our overall server count and stability
  • We can help pay for services such as providing the Teamspeak and other paid services.
  • We support the mod developers. In KoTH for example, we do regularly donate whatever we can to assist SaMatra to keep up the excellent work he does on a day to day basis!


See the following page below for game/service benefits for contributions