Manage VIP

OutputGaming accepts contributions for VIP Features for as low as $5 per month per STEAM account.

This helps us keep our servers operational and keeps us going!

Monetisation excludes services which cannot be Monetised. For example, RHS Content cannot be Monetized so VIP will not be available on these services.

For more information on what bonuses you get from Contributing, please see the FAQ below.

Purchase some VIP Time

Monthly Subscription

You can contribute via an Ongoing Monthly Subscription with Paypal. This is $5 per month.

You are in control of this subscription and it can be cancelled within Paypal at any time before a payment comes out.

How we use Contributions

Contributions go towards keeping our servers online, paying our bandwidth, and putting up additional game servers.

We listen to our players, so if you know of a game which we can host on Linux or Windows servers, let us know, and we may be able to look into it.

We can put money towards new server, which will allow us to Increase our overall server count and stability.

We can help pay for services such as providing Discord, Teamspeak and other paid services.

We support the mod developers! In KoTH for example, we do regularly donate whatever we can to assist SaMatra to keep up the excellent work he does on a day to day basis!


Reserved Slots

We provide reserved / priority slots for a number of services. This includes ARMA3 and Squad. One contribution will cover your access to all services we host that can be monetized.


We provide Priority Access on our Discord. This includes private ‘Contributor Only’ channels and access to some additional channels and new features early.

Website Features

We provide some additional features for our Website to Contributors.
These features include:

Early Access to Features

Sometimes we will call on our Contributors to come and test out features, or games from time to time. If you’ve ever contributed we will reach out to you first!

Terms of service

We will only be accepting Paypal Contributions, with a minimum of $5 per contribution.

Contributions are only refundable for the first 24 hours after the initial contribution is made – if the contribution itself has not been claimed/used ingame (This is inclusive of Reserved Slots, In-Game Perks, etc).

If a Dispute is put in place, an account will be locked from the server until sorted. Please join our discord and open a Help Ticket.

This contribution will NOT entitle you to breach of either the OutputGaming Rulesets OR the Sa-Matra Rulesets. Any Bans incurred for failure to adhere to rules will still be applicable, and no reimbursement for the time banned can be provided for VIP time.

Contributions are automatically processed when the payment has been received, so items like reserved slots, etc should be live within 30-60 minutes! In-game VIP can take upwards of 24 hours to apply if your contribution has run out.

If you have any issues with your slot not working after 48 hours, please join our discord and open a Help Ticket.