Squad Rules

These are our Squad server rules. These apply to all players who play on our server. Failure to abide by these rules may see admin action taken against the individual in question.

If you have questions, or recommendations regarding our rules or just about the game in general, please leave them in our Discord for us. 

Community Rules

You are still required to follow our community rules if you wish to read them do so here

Server Rules

  • Be courteous towards all players & play with teamwork
  • Please respect our admins and moderators, they work hard to keep this place civil.
  • DO NOT spam, troll, incite drama, use racist, bigoted, abusive language in any VoIP/text channel.
  • DO NOT spam music, annoying sounds, or excessive soundboards through any VoIP channel.
  • DO NOT Team kill(TK). If you accidentally TK, apologise in ALL chat. DO NOT retaliate TK.
  • DO NOT grief/troll/waste game assets or troll/grief/wound other players.
  • DO NOT use bots/alternate accounts to circumvent our rules. This is a global ban.
  • DO NOT troll Squads by creating a Squad with no intent to lead it.
  • Players with exploitable names/vulgarities may be kicked. Offensive Squad names may be asked to disband.
  • All Squad Leaders(SL/s) need the SL kit, a mic & play the objectives.
  • Squads need 4 members before they may be locked.
  • SLs may kick players from their Squad for any reason.
  • Vehicles requiring a crewman kit should have at least 2 crewmen minimum. Return to main if you do not have enough.
  •  DO NOT cheat, hack, exploit or glitch. This is a global ban.
  • If caught in a terrain glitch, use console & type “respawn” to remove yourself. Firing from glitched terrain will be a global ban.
  • Do NOT share team info, ie. ticket counts, troop positions, or spawn points with the opposing team. This is a global ban.
  • DO NOT team switch to gain info or stream snipe. This is a global ban.
  • DO NOT advertise or recruit players on our server in any channel without explicit permission. This is a global ban.
  • DO NOT defame, malign, slander, tell players to play elsewhere, or talk bad about the server or those who run it.
  • AFK/unassigned players will be kicked.
  • Pings above 250 may be kicked.

Seeding and camping rules

When the server is 20 or lower, the following rules apply:

  • Actively fight between the middle flags.
  • SLs should encourage combat through the use of their rallies.
  • Do not super fob away from the flags.


  • Main Camping and IEDs Mines by Main, is allowed only if the enemy has 1 safe exit for vehicles or they have lost all flags.
  •  Main Camping and IEDs Mines by Main, is also at admin discretion. If asked to leave the area or remove a mine/IED, do so.
  • DO NOT shoot emplacements or vehicles out of main, unless you are being camped at main and need to do so to leave.

If you have been banned.

please email [email protected] with the following

  • Ban number (eg. ws12345 or HJk6yzKgQ etc…)
  • In-game Name
  • Why you believe you were banned (please don’t say no reason….) If you are appealing a ban, please provide the above along with (depending on the reason for the ban)
  • A sincere apology to the community, particular player or staff
  • A statement as to why you believe you should be unbanned
  • Any video evidence or screenshots that support your arguments

I found a cheater someone breaking the rules

If you witness someone breaking any of these rules and there is no admin present, please submit video or screenshot evidence to our [email protected]

Video is the most conclusive evidence and helps us a ton!

Last update – 13/07/2019