The rules published for usage of our Discord, Teamspeak, and Game Servers can be found published below.

They can, and DO change regularly, so please keep an eye out for updates via Discord or ingame about any big rule changes

General Rules

TeamSpeak & Discord

Teamspeak and Discord servers are provided for our members and guests to use for;

  • Output Gaming Admin and Support queries.
  • A dispute, arbitration and resolution.
  • In-game player/team communication.
  • General social banter.

Disputes, Arbitration and Game-Related Communication

Admin will not discuss rules, ban/kick decisions or any other matters in the game. Queries or questions, are to be conducted on our Helpdesk, Teamspeak or Discord

Reporting Players

To report a player email [email protected] 

When reporting an incident, it is the player’s responsibility to provide adequate in-game screenshots or video clearly identifying the infringement and the players involved.

This information is to be posted on our forum in the correct area for that game.

  • Date Time, Server Name.
  • Your in-game name.
  • The side you were on.
  • The offender’s Exact Name
  • Side the offender is on.
  • Description of events leading up to, and the offence.
  • Supporting players/witnesses.

Appealing a game ban

To appeal a ban email [email protected] you will require the following.

  • Ban number (eg. ws12345 or HJk6yzKgQ etc…)
  • In-game Name
  • Why you believe you were banned (please don’t say no reason….) If you are appealing a ban, please provide the above along with (depending on the reason for the ban)
  • A sincere apology to the community, particular player or staff
  • A statement as to why you believe you should be unbanned
  • Any video evidence or screenshots that support your arguments

Ban Periods

Minor offenders may be afforded a warning or kicked from the game.
Bans vary from the minimum 2 days then 7, 14  and 30 days.

Ban length is also at the discretion of the Admin applying the ban.
Some bans may be escalated to Global. Chronic or severe offenders may result with permanent removal from our and or affiliated communities.