Dayz Rules

General Rules
The server is PVP. Combat logging is not allowed
No cheating (including and not limited to scripting, glitching, duping, metagaming, etc…)
Griefing/Trolling will get you removed. This includes and is not limited to: constant swearing, derogatory comments, harassment, bullying, racism, etc…
Groups are limited to 5 players.
Admins/mods can use their discretion remove players that are disrupting the flow of the game.
No compensation for your gear if the server or game crashes. This also applies to vehicles.
These rules can change anytime: keep up to date.

Base Building
You must not build or block any Military, Police or Medical buildings/loot spawns.
Bases must not be higher than 4 levels (from the lowest level to the highest level).
No base building from at least 1km from the edge/fence of an airfield, military base or a trader (from the trader marker).

Base Raiding
Lock up your stuff and accept that your base can and will be raided.
When raiding other players/teams bases, only take what you can:

  • Do not drop things on the ground for them to despawn.
  • Do not attempt to destroy items you cannot take with you while base raiding. This includes but is not limited to: destroying tents/barrels/vehicles, etc…
  • Once you have finished raiding you must leave the base before you log out!