Dayz Rules


This is DayZ: you start with little, struggle to get more and in an instant will lose everything.

It is a matter of time before you will die from natural or unnatural causes. Embrace the struggle, deal with what you have and not what you wish you had.

The rules below can change anytime: keep up to date.

General Rules

Player interaction is encouraged: PVP, trading, etc.

Combat logging is not allowed.

No cheating (including and not limited to scripting, glitching, duping, metagaming, etc.)

Griefing/Trolling will get you removed. Griefing/Trolling includes and is not limited to: constant swearing, derogatory comments, harassment, bullying, etc. For those who have doubts, racism, sexism and other -isms are forms of harassment.

Groups and Territories are limited to 5 players. Players are only allowed one territory.

No compensation for your gear if the server or game crashes/glitches. This also applies to vehicles.

No compensation for your vehicles if they glitch. This also applies to your gear that was in the vehicles.

No stealing inside safe zones, including and not limited to vehicles. Do not leave your vehicles in safe zones. Do not go AFK inside a vehicle in the safe zones.

Admins/mods can use their discretion to remove players that are disrupting the flow of the game.

Base Building

You must not build in or block Medical buildings.

Bases must not be higher than 4 (four) levels.
If you build in or on an existing structure, the max height is 2 (two) levels.
Height is measured from the base of the built parts. One Expansion 3m wall is the equivalent of one level.

Certain zones are no-build zones. You will not be able to place base building items and will be notfied. You may still be able to place certain items like a fireplace, certain containers, etc…

No building outside the in-game map’s confines (untextured area on the edges of the map).

Bases must be linked to land: no floating bases.

Important: Lock up your stuff. Accept that your base can and will be raided.

Base Raiding

You can use existing items around the targeted base and others that you bring with you to enter a base. For example, satchels, grenades, tools, containers, vehicles, etc.

During a raid, don’t leave items on the floor after destroying containers. For example, after destroying a tent, place what is possible in other containers nearby if you cannot take everything.

Raid cooldown period: once you have raided a player’s base, you cannot raid that base again for 24 hours.

Do not log out inside a base you have raided. This applies if you are still in a base when the server restarts.