Arma3 eXile Rules

TeamSpeak & Discord

Teamspeak and Discord servers are provided for our members and guests to use for;

Output Gaming Admin and Support queries.
Dispute, arbitration and resolution.
In-game player/team communication.
General social banter.

Disputes, Arbitration and Game Related Communication

Admin will not discuss rules, ban/kick decisions or any other matters in game.
All disputes, queries or questions, are to be conducted via our ticket system, email – [email protected]

When reporting and incident, it is the players responsibility to provide adequate in-game screenshots or video clearly identifying the infringement and the players involved.
This information is to be posted on our forum in the correct area for that game.

  • Date Time, Server Name.
  • Your in game name.
  • Side you where on.
  • The offenders Exact Name
  • Side the offender is on.
  • Description of events leading up to, and the offense.
  • Supporting players/witnesses.

Ban Periods

Minor offenders may be afforded a warning or kicked from the game.
Bans vary from  the minimum 2 days then 7, 14  and 30 days. Ban length is also at the discretion of the Admin applying the ban.
Some bans may be escalated to Global.
Chronic or severe offenders may result with permanent removal from our and or affiliated communities.

Team Killing.
Players found with three or more punished teamkills will receive up-to a three day ban, any player whom further sees fit to break this rule with continuous teamkilling may receive a permanent ban.

In-Game Voice Abuse.
Players found to be abusing global / side channels with voice chat may receive a ban (streaming music and such is not allowed). Note, that the server will automatically kick, and session ban people found to be excessively using global VON.

Players found to be using scripts or hack menus or injections of ANY kind will receive a permanent ban (includes altering your King of the Hill statistics). Knowingly aiding and abetting a cheater may also result in a ban.

Ban Evading.
Anyone found to have multiple accounts, after trolling, teamkilling, or cheating, will also find their alternate accounts banned.

Friendly Asset Theft.
Anyone found to be “stealing” friendly assets from other teammates will receive a ban, this includes looting teammates waiting to be revived.

Stream Sniping / Meta-Gaming.
Anyone found to be “Stream Sniping” while streamers are present on servers will receive a ban, streamers promote our mission and some make a living from it, go elsewhere to troll.

This rule is being clarified, to note that TeamSpeak is also a method of “Streaming”, and as such, if anyone joins an enemies channel silently to “listen” to them, are in breach of this rule, and will risk the above ban.

Another form of Meta-Gaming can be defined to be included changing teams to kill their former team-members.

Anyone found being racist or using excessive hate speech will be banned permanently, this should be obvious to most.

Anyone arguing with Server Hosts or Staff members will be removed from the said server or servers;
If you wish to discuss a ban for instance use the correct channels to do so (includes argumentative team-mates).

Any persons or third party advertising on any of our servers will see their ArmA account permanently banned This does not include teamspeaks or other servers unless its done via global or side.

Glitching and or Bug Exploiting.
Players found to be exploiting in-game bugs or glitches of any kind may receive a permanent ban (further details below).

  • Wall Glitching – using a vehicle or clipping terrain fault or some other unlisted method to pass through, rather than over, a wall or other base part.
  • Vehicle Towing Glitch – using the tail of vehicles in a vehicle train to pass through terrain or solid objects as to damage players positioned in cover. The tail of vehicles may be used to hit players in open ground, so long as they do not pass through any solid objects to do so.
  • Object Clipping Glitch – placing a carry-able object, such as an ATV, crate or wall inside the object frame of a vehicle so that the two objects clip together, causing the vehicle to explode. – You are allowed to do this to your own vehicle as long as it does not kill or damage anyone.
  • Duping – intentionally duping any in game items will result in a 7 day ban. For repeat or more serious offences the ban will be longer.

As soon as you spawn, you MUST promptly proceed to the AO.
Players can shoot defensively inside safe zone, game mechanics permitting “game mechanics allow some weapons to be fired from inside safe zone”
Players can shoot defensively as soon as they leave the outer edge of large safe zone circle/ellipse.
Players in Armed Vehicles are not to loiter inside or 500 meters around safe zone. Once out side Safe Zone, players in Armed Vehicles are to move at least 500m away from safe zone edge, so as not to attract combat around spawn. This means; NO Pumping and Dumping, abusing engage at safe zone outer edge and return to rearm. Players who are utilising Transport vehicles for the purposes of attacking with AT/AA will be classed as an armed vehicle, and are not exempt from the Pump and Dump Rules.
If you have engaged enemy defensively, you can return immediately to rearm and then move to tactical location away from safe zone.
Vehicles leaving safe zone can not return and reside inside what would have been the safe zone. (i.e, pretending to be safe, but not actually being safe)

Players are not to enter or reside within 500 meters around enemy safe zones.
Players are not permitted to farm safe zones for Transport Vehicles leaving. Do not target them within their Safe Zone, or until they are at least 500m from the Safe Zone.
Vehicles returning, nearing their spawn, are not to be engaged unless you are already in pursuit/combat with that vehicle and he/she is avoiding combat.
The Distances provided above are a GUIDE, and per admins discretion may be treated differently depending on the offense. (i.e, so you can’t just sit at 501 and say you’re safe to farm someone’s safe zone)

If you return to your safe zone and you need to go AFK for a bit, sell your vehicle, do not park on the edges of your safe zone, or areas that can be seen from outside by enemy. If you are not using a Vehicle, and it can be sold. Sell it. Vehicles abandoned can/will be deleted.

ARMED Aircraft landed in the Safe Zone are classed as Safe, however if are moving outside of the “safe” (i.e, you can be killed) area, you are free game.

NB: If you use ramming vehicles within a safe zone as a tactic, you WILL be treated as exploiting a game mechanic.

Any assets that are repairing (on the service pad) are not to be engaged by ANY enemy factions.
Once Landed, armed aircraft are not to shoot offensively.

Trolling, Griefing.

Players found not to be Participating or Trolling; This includes but is not limited to:
Not participating by residing in safe zone or away from AO.
Shooting at team players or vehicles.
Ramming or running over team players or their vehicles.

XP Farming.

AFK’ing in the AO, utilising a Macro to avoid the game restrictions, will result in a ban if found. Players found to repeatedly be doing this, will be removed from the servers for longer periods. Not only does this disadvantage others who may want to play, but it is not in the spirit of the game, and is classed as evasion of the games mechanic to remove those who are farming.

Bannable Offenses

  • Cheating
  • Hacking
  • Intentionally duping, exploiting or glitching … Intent is judged at Admin’s discretion
  • Previously breaking 3 or more rules.
  • Racism and extreme toxicity. These are not tolerated on any Output Gaming server.
  • Repeated, direct personal attacks against other players.
  • Providing false evidence or fabricating a story when reporting players.
  • Impersonating an Admin.
  • Showing disrespect to Admins. Mild comments or actions will be cautioned, if continued a ban will be placed.

 If you disagree with an Admin, don’t bombard chat and annoy other players. Jump on teamspeak or place a post on the forums.

 General Rules

  • No abusing other players. There’s salt and then there’s just plain abuse, don’t take it too far.
  • No advertising of other game servers or communication servers.
  • No stealing or greifing in trader. This includes accessing the inventory of or entering other players vehicles and crates.
  • Do not intentionally run players over or ram vehicles in trader. Take it to the demolition derby arena next to West Trader.
  • Ramming in safezone is ONLY allowed INSIDE the perimeter of the stone walls of the arena.
  • Enter the arena at your own risk. NO compensation will be given for vehicles destroyed as a result of being in the arena!
  • No combat logging.
  • No sling bombing bases with heli-lifted vehicles.
  • No stream sniping/following. This includes listening in on communication channels.
  • No toxicity in any chat channel or VON.
  • No toxicity in regards to player, territory, family and group names – See below*
  • Do not abuse the non-combat zone system around safezones. I.e Stepping in and out to kill people with the systems protection.

Toxicity is being over-the-top, malicious, highly insensitive or downright disrespectful.
Output Gaming have zero tolerance to any name, remark or image that is racist or supremacist relating to race, ethnicity or religion. This includes Nazi and ISIS related content.
A quick toxicity test: Would a reasonable, educated and upstanding person take offense if you wore a shirt in public with the word(s) or image?
*Moderate to severe breaches will result in a warning and request to change name, failure to do so may result in a ban.

If someone steals your vehicle outside of safezone and drives it into the safezone, you cannont reclaim the vehicle there or lock it. Whoever enters the safezone in the vehicle now owns that vehicle.

If you disagree with an admin or need clarification on any rule, jump on TS3, Discord or post on the forums. – Don’t argue in side chat.

Building Rules

  • No Building parts within 1500m of the center of a Safe zone trader.
  • No Building parts within 1000m of the center of a Spawn zone.
  • No Building parts within 500m of a non-safe trader or cement mixer. This includes spec ops trader.
  • No Building parts within 1000m of a static mission. Bases are not allowed to have line of sight on a static mission.* Currently these are located at the Skalisty Island, Balota airfield, Northern Wilderness and northen end of the NW airfield.
  • No Building parts within 500m of the edge of an aircraft runway: Bolata, NW and NE.
  • No Building parts within 500m of any military complex or buildings (3 or more). These buildings are defined by the loot they spawn.
  • No Building on the PVP – Events aircraft carrier east of Berezino.
  • No Building on or over any road. This includes a 10m leeway from either edge of the road.
  • No Building parts over 30m, there is an automatic check to stop this, however if circumvented, offending parts will be deleted.
  • Your flag must be accessable for someone to steal if they blow through enough building parts.
  • Your flag cannot be sunk in the ground, placed in knee-deep water, placed up in the air or inside indestructible objects such as safes and rocks.

*Line of sight on a mission is a broad concept to prevent people from camping static missions from the safety of their bases. Players should not be able to shoot from their territory directly in to or the immediate area around mission. A general rule of thumb is a few hundred of metres. This also encompasses players pulling vehicles out of their virtual garage to shoot the mission and then storing it straight away without having to travel a fair distance back to base. Please speak to an admin if you need clarification.

Any severe breaches of these rules will result in buildings/bases being deleted without warning. These rules are your one and only warning!
Bases breaching these rules will have a sign placed in front of their base asking them to contact an admin within 3-7 days depending on severity.
Failure to contact an admin within this time frame or refusing to cooperate will result in the entire base being deleted.

If you are unsure of any of these rules, please contact an admin either in-game, on TS3, Discord or by placing a post on the forums.

All rules and regulations are correct at their time of entry into this post, and can be changed at any time without notice if the evolution of the game dictates this change.