DayZ – AU#1 2302 DayZ


Changes and tweaks will be published on this page. All mods needed for the server are available in this collection.

Feedback is welcome. Hop on Discord and join the conversation.

December 7th 2022

PvZmoD_CustomisableZombies has been updated.
Which means that I will be able to re-instate the Xmas events with a twist.

Aslo Building Fortifications has patched a new update today.

December 6th 2022

SNAFU Weapons was recently last Sunday. And today it’s Building Fortifications that has a small patch applied.

SNAFU Weapons removed the fix for scopes that is no longer required.
Building Fortifications has fixed the codelocks not droping when hunges were dismantled or destroyed.

December 1st 2022

The game was updated to 1.19 v4.
Last week Windstride’s Clothing Pack was also updated.
I have also applied various tweaks to the loot tables have also been pushed through, including more varied loot held by the infected.

November 2022

We have moved to Melkart earlier this month.

Melkart is a small island (just over 40km2) which will guarantee more encounters. Loot has been adjusted up to allow you to get equipped rapidly.

You can still can play like you want; PVP, PVE, lone wolf, in a team, RP, etc…

Just remember that you start with little, struggle to get more, and will lose everything in an instant.  After all, without the grind, it just would not be DayZ.

The mod collection is available on steam by following this link.

Some of the server’s key highlights are:

  • Plus200 Recipies
  • Varied survivor, civilian and military clothing
  • SNAFU Weapons
  • MMG Gear and Base Storage
  • Nehr Lada
  • Custom Areas
  • Air Raids
  • Expansion AI



A new custom area has been added to Pavloka Military.

Air raids are now back! If you hear a siren nearby, keep an eye out in the sky!

And we hear that the Secret Squirrel trader has finally appeared in Rostow. Apparently you dont have to walk far to find them.


The first complete AI patrol is in place around Mieva Airbase.
Aircrashes still have a chance of spawning in an AI patrol around them.


2 weeks have gone by since the latest wipe on the server! All the mods necessary to play on the server are available in this collection.
Since the wipe, Quack and I have tweaked different settings and we have had a few mod updates:

  • Expansion has been updated to 1.7.11
  • Windstride has aslo updated his clothing mod.
  • CJ187-MoreCrashsites was updated just yesterday with more variants and effects
  • We have tweaked the player HUD with a more subdued interface. The player health and stamina now have a dark green colour. Never fear, you will still notice if a health indicator goes low.
  • The chat colours have also been updated to reduce eye fatigue.
  • Introduction of a (hidden) Hunter trader where you can trader pelts, meat,  even buy some hunting rifles and ammunition that may not be available at the normal trader.
  • Tweaks the the trader: price balancing, item accessability, etc…
  • Various other tweaks to the Central Economy

Happy Surviving.


Various edits to the Market including a complete restock. Removed items no longer available in the game (stun baton, various magazines, etc…)


Tweaked the loot spawn tables, mainly to rebablance weapons spread over the outside islands.

This includes turning off the Expansion M79 and associated ammo that is integrated to Vanilla. The Expansion M79 and ammo will still be sellable at the trader, but players will not be able to buy it.

Added more indoor and underground zombie spawns. Thanks to Quack for his help.


Added @DeerIsle Oilrig Zeds [Stable DeerIsle] to the mod collection. NBC infected will now spawn on oilrigs.

Minor tweaks to loot spawns.


Update to Erapsualr Infected: these infected types now have caracteristics like all the other infected: easy, medium and hard.

I also updated the underground lighting settings. These areas will still be dark but you should now be able to distinguish shapes and forms.


@DabsFramework was updated.


Quack’s has contributed a new area.


Added crab spawns and territories.

Minor tweaks to contaminated areas.


DayZ Expansion 1.7.4 applied to server.


Edits to Infected territories: re-added spawns around the Bayville MB. Various other minor edits.


DayZv1.18 Update 5 has been applied to the server.


Edits to FixVehiclePositions (server mod) that is responsible for flipping glitched vehicles on the fly as well as adjusting vehicles when spawning.
The auto flip function is now disabled (you have this mod to fix these situations, see 20/7/2022). I have also made some tweaks to the vertical adjustments for spawned vehicles.

If you see a vehicle that is ‘floating’, please create a ticket in Discord with a screenshot of the vehicle and, when possible, the estimated height at which it is floating. Please note that boats will appear floating or under water depending on the tides. This is expected; as soon as you enter the boat it will align itself with the water level.


New custom area at the northern end of the rail bridge, just north of RCFI.

Prices for helicopters have been adjusted and traders will no more run out of keys.


Go check out the new custom area next to Eastbook created by Quack.

@CF was updated (twice)


Anasasi has contributed another great custom zone. It will be live on the server at the next restart.

Escape Route Delta, a hidden outpost is situated east of Eastbrook and NorthEast of the neardy checkpoint.


@DayzEditor Loader was updated.


I have added our second custom area submitted by a player to the map: Anasasi’s Train Ambush. It will be live at the next restart: go check it out just south of RCFI.


Added @FlipTransport.
You can now push or flip your vehicle to get out of a hard spot.

To push a vehicle, make sure the vehicle is unlocked and in neutral with the engine turned off; stand in front or at the back of the vehicle and long hold the interaction key when the prompt shows up.

To flip a vehicle, you can approach the vehicle with a wrench, hit the interaction key when prompted. It will take a little while but your vehicle will end up the right way up. Well normally, I hope…

There is also a bonus item that comes with this mod: the hydraulic jack! If you have one, you can deploy it near the flipped vehicle. Then, like with the wrench, used the interaction key when the prompt shows and “voilà”, the vehicle will find itself back on all fours. The hydraulic jack does not have the time penalty the wrench has.

Don’t forget to pack up your hydraulic jack! Something tells me they are rare and even your best buddy might “borrow” it with out telling you!


Updated Dabs Framework.  

Added our first ever player submitted custom area: Quack’s Farm.

It situated just west of WarrenCove:


DayZ v1.18.3 and Expansion 1.7.2 both applied to the server.
I have started working on the trader overhaul. Hear is a sneakpeek of what of is to come:


Added @Erapulsar_Zombies. These zombies will only spawn in certain areas of the map.

Fixed: some AI was not lootable.


Market is back up and running as expected.
AI now spawns on some of the airdrops as well as around crash sites.


Still troubleshooting the interactions issue. This is know to afftect:

  • Trader
  • MSP locker
  • Expansion locks
  • Expansion gates
  • Military crates

Have added extra loot spawn points to various furniture and objects.


Server was was up[dated to Expansion v1.7.
I have turned on the new Quests mod but will need to configure it.
Here is the full change log:

AI: Added support for dynamic patrols on any building (just give the config type name as ClassName in AIPatrolSettings).
AI: Made min and max patrol spread radius configurable.
AI: Added spawn passive AI entry to debug menu.
AI: Added setting PlayerFactions to make player automatically join a faction on connect.
AI: Added mercenaries faction. They are hostile to everyone except other mercenaries and passive factions.
Core/Market: Support setting faction (if AI mod loaded), loadout, name and whether or not trader entity can be looted via map files.
Hardline: Added new mod DayZ-Expansion-Hardline (humanity, item rarity and more).
Market: Added DayZ 1.18 items to default market files.
Missions: Add support for setting faction (if AI mod loaded), gear, loadout and whether or not entity can be looted to airdrop entity (Infected) spawner.
Quests: Added new mod DayZ-Expansion-Quests.

AI: If unjamming fails 5 times in a row, drop weapon.
AI: Removed some unnecessary delays.
AI: Changed the way weapon is dropped.
AI: Changed faction names in patrol settings from all uppercase to capitalized case.
AI: Removed HOLD, PATROL and REVERSE aliases (existing patrol settings will be auto-converted).
AI: Reduced number of AI in default patrols.
Core: Changed static NPC base class to inherit from DayZPlayerImplement.
Licensed: Moved vehicle data to Licensed to get rid of Vehicles dependency.
Market: Removed unused TraderName and ZoneName from market files.
Market: AI traders are now completely passive (won’t attack Zs/animals until attacked by them).
Missions: Set default contaminated area events to disabled since they are meant as examples only and are in conflict with vanilla contaminated areas.
Navigation: Changed GPS HUD image.
Navigation: Refactored inventory check for compass, map and GPS items.
Navigation: Repositioned group HUD.
Vehicles: Tweaked utility boat and Zodiac boat view geometry for better interactions.

AI: Random generator was never updated, leading to less random events (e.g. jammed weapon).
AI: Fixed passive faction not becoming hostile when attacked via other means than fists.
BaseBuilding: Fixed Expansion basebuilding not taking damage from some explosive types.
Missions: Ignore disabled missions.
Navigation: Fixed HUD not updating while the inventory menu is open.
Vehicles: Fixed Gunther hood/trunk not using vanilla inheritance and thus missing public scope.
Vehicles: Fixed missing public scope for UAZ hood/trunk.
Vehicles: Reverted UAZ rear suspension compression and damping values to fix screeching wheels.



1/7/2022: Wipe and new IP

Our server has a new home! We have now moved the DayZ server to a new box. You can find it on In the launcher it will appear with the same name as previously; just look for Outputgaming-AU#1-Expansion|DeerIsle|Market|AI|Loot+.
The old server will still be up for 24 hours, maybe less and will be wiped daily… The name has been change to show th new server’s IP.


Update to the base raiding rules:

"Do not log out inside a base you have raided."


"Do not log out inside a base you have raided. This applies if you are still in a base when the server restarts."


Updated the traders/market settings with the new items from v1.18.


Updated various files for v1.18. The main change is that now all the new types, including the Vanilla m79 and its ammunition have been added to the loot. Will next be working on adding these items to the market.


Dayz v1.18 and Expansion 1.6.74 have both been applied to the server.
Other mods will soon follow suit. For example, PvZmoD_CustomisableZombies and No_WallHack_On_Connection were both updated tonight. I have updated the types for V1.18, at least for the ones that I have found which include

  • Derringer pistol
  • Sawed-off Revolver
  • Sawed-off Blaze
  • Craftable IED and Remote Detonation devices
  • Plastic Explosive
  • Claymore Mine
  • Fireworks Launcher

The vanilla M79 and associated ammo is not yet live as I need to figure out if Expansion have their M79 and ammo compatible. From what I can see and have tested, this is not yet the case.

I will also need to update the trader files to add some of these new types were relevant.

Lastly, I have applied several tweaks in the past few days to the loot locations for certain buildings and events. Enjoy!


  • Survivor missions will now prevent missions from spawning in player territories.
    C130 wrecks will now spawn loot
  • Update 5/6/2022

The secret trader is now mobile. The trader is armed but will not attack players and will defend itself from the environment.

Update 3/6/2022

  • @DayZ-Expansion-Bundle and @DayZ-Expansion-AI have been updated to v1.6.73
  • tweaks to AI (loot, patrols, attitude)
  • minor tweaks to market files: i found some errors in my code/files which I will be correcting in the next few days.

Update 31/5/2022

AI is now live and will now patrol certain areas of the map.
Patrol sizes will vary from 1 to 8 bots. These spawn in various locations on the map including around crashsites. Depending on various factors, they can be friendly, or rather ignore you, they will engage other AI, infected and various animals.
The AI, although limited in their abilities, can still represent a serious threat and will be able to climb over obstacles, bandage themselves, taunt you and, of course, hurt you.

DayZ-Expansion-AI is now added to the server mod collection.

Update 25/5/2022

Update 24/5/2022

  • @DayZ-Expansion-Bundle has been updated. This update brings major chnages to the AI system which I will be implementing shortly. More news to come. In the meanwhile here is a short video of the recent testing.

Update 23/5/2022

Update 22/5/2022

  • Removed Expansion Landrovers from loot spawns. They are still in the market as sellable only. This also applies to the Landrover parts.
  • Fixed the Resistance Heli events.
  • Allowing certain containers to be placed in no-build zones
  • Changed the height of the Groot Hill map marker

Update 17/5/2022

  • @Mass’sManyItemOverhaul has been updated.
  • Clean and updates to various scripts and settings over the past days
    • clean up of unused winter and snow mods still left in code
    • tweaks to trader settings
    • minor changes to trader prices
    • tweak to furnishing category (trader)
    • edits to trader categories
    • edits to Survivor missions loot
  • Additional loot following map update from 12/5/2022

Update 12/5/2022

DeerIlse update – more info coming soon.

Update 11/5/2022

Expansion updated to 1.6.69

Update 8/5/2022

  • Tweaks to server files following multiple crashes in the past few days.
  • @CarCover has been updated: ExpansionLandrover has been added!

Update 6/5/2022

  • A small expansion update was pushed through yestereday.
  • @Dab Framework was also updated this morning

Update 4/5/2022

  • A temporary fix for scopes and red dots applied. You will need to download @AFixForScopes. I have also added it to the server mod collection.
  • Tweaks to zombie territories
  • COT: added the new islands to admin teleport tools
  • Added new targets for Air Raids on new islands

Updates 3/5/2022

Various configuration edits:

  • Added 2 airdrop locations: 1 for Barringer Island and another on Crabisland.
  • Added more chances of Utility Boats spawning in.
  • Tweaked the locations for random chemical artillery strikes and safe zones.
  • Reduced the number of random chemical artillery strikes

Updates 1/5/2022

Updates 27-30/4/2022

  • Regular updates for Deer Isle
  • Added new items from recent updates to the traders
  • Turnned off Vanilla crossbows and bolts from spawning in. These were not cross compatible with the Expansion crossbows/bolts. If you still have or find some, you can still seel them at the trader.
  • Loot tweaks to accomodate new items
  • @Mass’sManyItems, @MushStuffPack were updated

Updates 23-25/4/2022

  • Regular updates (hotfixes) for Deer Isle
  • Mass’s Many Items had also a quick fix
  • Added MassBandage to the loot table
  • Added MassBangage and MassIFAK to market
  • Change the mission mushroom to be only sellable at the food trader

Update 21/4/2022

Updated the loot table and the market with all the new items form yesterday’s updates.

Update 20/4/2022

What a day! No less than 5 mods and the game were recently updated.

DayZ V1.17

A multitude of additional content has been added. Best is to see the DayZ’s team announcment:

Some of the changes are:

  • CR-550 Savanna rifle
  • Longhorn pistol
  • P1 pistol
  • Craft-able Spear (Bone & Stone head variants)
  • Pitchfork
  • Craft-able Bone knife
  • Cleaver
  • Meat tenderizer
  • Kitchen timer
  • Craft-able Fireplace stand
  • Brooms can be lit and used as a torch
  • Improvised clothes from rags
  • Improvised Rope Belt
  • Improvised gas mask filter
  • Gas mask filters can now be refilled with charcoal tablets
  • Sensitivity settings for various scope options
  • New optional control scheme
  • Bark can be harvested with axes now
  • Cookware is slowly getting damaged by being used
  • Gas mask filters get damaged while in use
  • Voice activation setting for voice chat
  • Scroll through multiple actions can be now done via mouse wheel
Expansion 1.6.64

The most noticable change is the addition of the Land Rover Defender.
See the change log here.

Mass’s Many Items

Check out the change log here. Some of the new additions are:

  • MP40, the well known WWII german submachinegun that will compliment nicely the new P1 pistol form the DayZ update.
  • OTs-03 SVU, a integrally suppressed, bullpup SVD variant.
  • Craftable Camo Net Ghillie Suits that can be crafted using a bladed item on camo net. Use MassPaint with rag to change colour.
Other mods updated
  • PvZmoD_CustomisableZombies
  • MuchStuffPack
  • Dabs Framework



Update 19/4/2022

  • .277 Fury ammunition was added to the Trader
  • Changed “VehicleSync” to 1. Default is 0. By default, the server syncs the vehicle position to pilot. Now the pilot will syncs the vehicle position to server.

Update 16/4/2022

  • @Expansion was updated to 1.6.63
  • changed the loot for the Appartment survivor mission
  • allowed for more Supply Signals to spawn
  • cleaned up some duplicates in the trader files.

Update 16/4/2022

Base raid settings were reset during one of the past updates. This has now been fixed.

Update 15/4/2022

@Expansion was updated to 1.6.62 (both the Bundle and the Licensed mods)

Update 10/4/2022

Updated the Building supplies trader: added water barrels, donation barrels and consolidated the tents into one category.

Update 10/4/2022

  • Shotguns have now been regrouped in one category.
  • Other minor tweaks to the trader (Bue Candy, mines, etc…)
  • Removed infected bear at Paul’s View
  • Additional random zombie spawns around RCFI marshes

Update 8/4/2022

  • FIXED bug where some items were selling at 0.
  • FIXED bug where vanilla vehicles had a (very) low lifetime
  • WiP: we will be changing the restart times to every 4 hours from midnight AEST.

Update 6/4/2022

  • More tweaks to the Market setting and categories. Optics are now regrouped into on category. I still need to add the option to buy a battery with certain of the scopes that can use one. Fixing the support and launchers category (check out the RPK and PKM!). Various tweaks to magazines and gun parts.
  • Added the chance of a battery spawning with certain torches, radios and other various electronic devices.

Update 3/4/2022

  • @CarCover updated
  • updated the magazines at the trader: magazines from all mods are now included. This has fixed some of the issues with some assault rilfes and precision rifles missing their magazines.

Update 3/4/2022

Cleaning up Market categories:

  • Snipers regrouped.
  • Attachments fixed
  • Assault rifles and bolt rifles tweaked.

Known issues: some guns do not appear in the market attachments. Use the customise option to remediate.

Lastly a players gravecross will now last 2.5 hours (used to be 1.5hours) if they die more than 1.5 hours after spawning in. If the die before their gravecross will stay for 5 minutes as before.

Update 30/3/2022

Cleaning up Market categories:

  • Assault rilfes updated. Only issue known: the MCX Furys do not come with magazines.
  • Navigation: fixed an issue were certain items’ sell price was higher than their buy price.

Update 27/3/2022

Cleaning up Market categories:

  • Ammunition and Ammunition boxes: done
  • Rifles: done
  • Assault rilfes: done with soime known issues:
    • Artic M4A1 no butt stock
      M4 tac no mag both versions
      M16A4 no mag
      M16 (mass?) no mag
      MCX556 Black no stock no mag
      MXC 556 Tan no mag
      MCX Spear no stock no mag
  • All other categories WIP

Update 21/3/2022

  • Further tweaks to market and trader

Update 20/3/2022

  • Market was reset, price and availability changes

Update 19/3/2022

  • Additional spawns around Paul’s View

Update 18/3/2022

  • Added fire barrels at the trader.
  • Testing another setting for flipped vehicles.
  • Tweaked day/night cycle. It should now be 1 hour daytime and 8 minutes of night.
  • Survivor missions are now working.
  • Added more Air Raid locations
  • Various other backend settings tweaked

Update 14/3/2022

Minor tweaks to server settings:

  • Changes to Air Raid timings
  • Changes to the StaticContaminatedArea timings, locations and safe spawns
  • Infected will now spawn further ahead of players allowing them to spread more.

Update 13/3/2022

Minor tweaks to server settings:

  • changes the reference from Chernarus to Deer Island in the [B]ook
  • tweaked the vehicle damage from the infected
  • fixed the pricing for the compass and the GPS at the trader
  • other various changes to loot spawns and server settings

11/3/2022 Server Wipe | DeerIsle installed

Check out the mods required in this collection.

Server Name: Outputgaming-AU#1-Expansion|DeerIsle|Market|PvP|Winter|Loot+

The server rules are available in-game using the [B]ook, in the dayz-rules or, on the here on the website.

Update 10/3/2022

@CodeLock to ExpansionCodeLock Bridge is updated.

Wipe Madness Week

It’s live now!
Just before the wipe, enjoy unlimited ammo and maybe some over zealous infected!

The DayZ server will be wiped Friday 11th March, 2022.

Update 28/2/2021

@UncuepasCivilianClothing update

Update 22/2/2021

A new custom area (#30) is now live: go look on the NW side of Zelenogorsk, beyond the woods.
You will need to download 3 more mods. They have been added to the server collection:

Mass’sManyItemOverhaul and Modular Vest System – Reworked were also updated this morning.

Update 20/2/2022

Several minor tweaks in the past few days, mainly linked to infected spawns. You should see more zeds now.
I had added extra zombie spawns but hadn’t allowed for mor to spawn in. The result was a lower count in the main areas.

Also some of the *cough* permanant *cough* chemical areas had been *cough* deleted… I also fixed my mistake there.

I am also planning to add a new custom zone in the next few days. Here are some teasers:

Finally @CF has just been updated.

Update 17/2/2022

Server was updated to 1.16 a few days ago.
Added 116_InventoryFix to fix some issue with MVS mod, and possibly others that we have not yet discovered.

Update 12/2/2022

@CodeLock to ExpansionCodeLock Bridge was updated.

Update 9/2/2022

@Expansion Licenced & @Expansion Bundle have bothe been updated to v.6.53

  • Changed:
    • Main: Modding: Made it a lot easier to make 3rd party modded items openable/closeable and work with our codelock (including raiding).
    • There is a companion mod (CodeLock to ExpansionCodeLock Bridge) that makes Adamx Storage, BaseBuildingPlus, Dex Storage Stuff, MuchDecos and MuchStuffPack compatible. More information below.
    • Main: Made Expansion codelock compatible with BaseBuildingPlus. Either load above companion mod or NoCodeLockDependency.
    • Vehicles: Trying a different approach for forced pilot sync.
  • Fixed:
    • General: Fixed Chinese Simplified translation not being displayed.
    • Main: Fixed unintended and non-functional “Open” action showing on some Expansion basebuilding items.
    • Main: Disabled being able to cut attached flag cloth into rags in enemy territory unless DismantleFlagMode is AnyoneWithTools.
    • Main: Fixed being able to still toggle compass HUD with the keybind when compass or GPS item is required but not in inventory.
    • Market: (we do not use the Market function)
    • Vehicles: Fixed missing visual damage on some vanilla vehicles parts.
    • Vehicles: Fixed RHIB headlights.

@Mortys Weapons has also had some minor updates (v1.15.5)

  • Changed VHS-2 Animations. Should not be any issues with other mods overriding baseclasses now.
  • Fixed full auto sound for the VHS-2.
  • Fixed missing ghillie proxy for the VHS-2.
  • Fixed bipod rotation on various weapons that used the old rotation.
  • Updated base textures for the SCAR-H. (More inline with the newer weapons).
  • Updated SCAR-H Recoil and ROF. More inline with the FAL.
  • Removed some “artifacts” from the MAK-54 suppressed sound.
  • .300blk rounds are now actually subsonic.
  • Changed VultAR 5.56 Recoil to be more inline with other AR-15 rifles.
  • FAL suppressed sound lowered at distance.

A new mod was added:@CodeLock to ExpansionCodeLock Bridge. This will allow the Expansion CodeLocks to work with Much Stuff Pack lockers and safes.

Finally, two server side mods were also updated: FixVehiclePosition and DayzEditorLoader. You do not need these loaded to be able to join the server: we load them for you dierectly from the server!

Update 4/2/2022

  • @Mortys Weapons updated:
    • New firearms: NXR-44 Magnum, Sig P320, Mk47, M1A,VHS-2
    • New pistol optic: ROMEO 1 PRO
    • MCX Spear Suppressor Black
    • .44 Magnum Ammo
    • Various other fixes

Update 4/2/2022

Update 31/1/2022

The server is back up after a small hiccup with the last update.
You should find eveything back to normal. I am off to have some rest and enjoy the scenery!
Happy surviving.

Update 28/1/2022

@Expansion Bundle and @Expansion Licensed are updated. Some of the changes are:

  • Added toggle compass keybind (default I).
  • Sort map markers alphabetically in list (except server markers).
  • Unrestrain restrained players when entering a safezone and make sure they can’t restrain themselves.
  • Fixed party marker visibility states getting reset when disconnecting after dying or losing connection.
  • Removed popping from car horn sound.
  • Many more changes and fixes under the hood. More details on the mod’s Chnage notes pages on the Steam Workshop

Update 23/1/2022

  • Added @More Wolves. Updated collection.
    Stray dogs now roam the map. They don’t howl, but they will attack players and provide 1x Dog Meat when skinned.
    Infected wolves roam the cities, towns, villages, farms and coastlines alone or in small packs. Infected wolves will not provide edible meat when killed. The default wolf spawns still work the same, but have a slightly higher chance to occur and include a chance of spawning in a Dire Wolf.
    Infected bears can also be found all across the map. They are slightly weaker, less aggressive and not as aware of their surroundings than the default bears, but still highly dangerous! Infected bears will not provide edible meat when killed. Default bear spawns still work the same.
  • Added 300+ new spawn locations for zombies. These are all over the map!

Update 14/1/2022

Update 13/1/2022

  • Added a new mission: Train wreck!
  • Various tweaks to the other missions.

Train Wreck

Update 13/1/2022

Minor tweaks to:

  • Expansion airdrop settings: more time between each airdrop.
  • Enabled player airdrops: use the Supply Smoke Signal to call in your own airdrop within 500m of your position. Zombies will not spawn on these airdrops.
  • Tweaks to loot tables to allow for the Supply Smoke Signals

Update 9/1/2022

Survivor Missions installed. Players do not have to download anything, this mod is server-side only.
From the author of the mod:
The goal is to bring PVE together with PVP players in one dedicated mission zone. Find a radio and tune in the mission frequency. Follow the instructions and localization info on that channel. Get rewards for your accomplished missions or get shot in the neck or mauled by a bear.

Update 2/1/2022

  • Zombies will now spawn with more winter gear
  • Some vehicles will now have a chance to contain cargo
  • Vehicle spawns tweaked: more types, more loot
  • Other minor tweaks

Update 1/1/2022

  • The Christmas decorations have been put away. The Santa wrecks, Christmas trees and Bonfire events are all turned off.
  • New event: the Resistance has been organising themselves. However, they seem to be losing their pilots to the infection at an alarming rate. Their helis have been spotted in random places in relatively good condition. Find one and it’s yours!

Update 25/12/2021

  • The spawn rate for .338 ammo and associated guns is reduced
  • Introduced Heli parts at vehicle trader.
  • Helicopters are now sellable at the trader.
  • You can now buy a key for your helicopter (choose the lost key option)
  • Lockpicking vehicles will now only have a 1 in 3 chance of succeeding and will take 2 minutes. The tool used will be damaged after the action no matter what the result is. There are only 2 tools that will allow you to lockpick a vehicle.
  • Other minor tweaks.

Update 25/12/2021

  • A new custom bunker was added. Go look for it!

Update 22/12/2021

Update 20/12/2021

  • @WinterCamoNet installed. It will make all camouflage nets white/snow.
  • Tweaked the seasonal events. They should now rotate locations more often.
  • Fixed .338 pricing at traders.

Update 17/12/2021

Winter is here!
The server wipe has been completed.
Mod collection available here. Come grab your Xmas gifts.

Server wipe announced

(12/12/2021: article published here)

Yes, it’s that time again!
I will be wiping the DayZ server on Friday, December 17th. The server will be down for most of the day.

The mods required are all in the collection available here. The collection will be updated closer to the wipe

Our Chernarus has over 20 customised zones: look for the revamped towns, caves, and of course, a trader.

Vybor, just south of the main airfield.


There will be 2 trading zones, one at Zub and another at Skalisty Island. The traders are set up as a facility, not as a means to race to who will be able to collect the most currency. Both traders have a safe zone.

Skalisty Island Trader


The map and loot have been set up so that no matter where you spawn, you have a fair chance of gearing up rapidly. In addition, the gear you will find will allow you to face most of what Chernarus will throw at you.

jeggingsflipflopwithsocksEvery fresh spawn will start with a random kit selected from 30 different items from the various mods installed on the server. This includes some superb leggings and some really adapted footwear. Of course, you will have some food, a knife and a water canteen in your starting kit.

Check the in-game Book for the server rules (also available here). The shortcut is [B].

By default, you can access the map using the [M] key. You will need a compass to see your position on the map. Having a compass will also add a compass HUD to your screen. You can still create markers on the map without a compass.

Vehicles are plentiful, and so are parts. Just remember, vehicles in Dayz are glitchy: use at your own risk. There will be no compensation if your vehicle glitches.

Chernarus’ environment is unforgiving. Between the local fauna, the infected and the weather, you’ll have plenty to worry about. Of course, the server will add random air raids, sporadic chemical artillery bombing and fixed contaminated zones. Finally, other players that you will cross paths with may create an extra challenge.
Just remember: incoming fire always has the right of way and is never friendly!



Update 1/12/2021

Update 25/11/2021

Update 24/11/2021

  • Various updates to server files after the 1.15 deployment.
  • The Trader has been updated with the latest addition types

Update 20/11/2021

Update 23/11/2021

Update 20/11/2021

  • @Expansion update
  • Stamina will now be affected by the load and the activity of your character.
    No more running forever with 2 fully loaded combat rucksacks…
    Stamina will regenerate fast if you are idle or walking. Stamina will also regenerate when sprinting, but after a while, it will start to drop.
    Aiming is easier: stabilising your aim will be faster and stamina will only start dropping after 5 seconds.
    Energy (food) and hydration (water) will also be affected by sprinting, at least a little more than it used to be.

Update 16/11/2021

Update 15/11/2021

Update 13/11/2021

Update 8/11/2021

  • re-added more possible locations for the airdrops: 23 in total!
  • modified the contents of the base-building airdrops (fewer signs, more mod content).

Update 30/10/2021

Update 30/10/2021

Update 30/10/2021

  • eAI has been turned off.
  • Tweaked the loot spawn in the tenement buildings.

Update 28/10/2021

  • Rules have been updated. These can be checked on the website, in-game and on discord.
  • Tweaked the spawn settings: added more gear to the list of possible items a player can be equipped with when spawning.

Update 27/10/2021

Update 23/10/2021

  • @Much Stuff Pack added. Added some of the new items to the airdrops.
  • Halloween items turned on.

Update 22/10/2021

  • @Expansion update.
  • Gravecrosses are turned off: bug with eAI affecting grave crosses. Instead, when a player dies their corpse will stay in place.

Update 21/10/2021

  • @RaG_Landrover_Defender_110 has been updated
  • @Expansion was also updated earlier this week.

Update 12/10/2021

Military zombies’ loot and gear will now include additional ammo types, varied military bags and vests, different headgear and armour.

Update 12/10/2021

eAI is back up!
Just a quick reminder on what to expect:

There are random patrols around the map. The patrols are made up of 1 to 5 *bots* or AI.
The different eAI Factions in operation are all hostile to players unless said otherwise:
– East will shoot at West, but not Civilian.
– West will shoot at East, but not Civilian.
– Raiders are hostile to all, even to Raiders.
– Guards are allies to Players and Civilians. These patrol around the 2 main trader zones (Green Mountain and Kumnyra) and will aim at you if you approach armed. If you, raise a weapon, attack or aim at them, they will open fire. You have been warned!
– Civilians are hostile to Players.

You should be able to identify them by their outfit (look for details).

eAI will always prioritise infected and will show as UNKNOWN PLAYER on the kill feed.

Update 11/10/2021

  • @RaG_Landrover_Defender_110 has been updated

Update 10/10/2021

  • Added to trader the scopes that were not there yet. Adjusted prices.

Update 9/10/2021

  • Staroye custom area now includes the town

Update 8/10/2021

  • @RaG_Landrover_Defender_110 updated
  • Svetloyarsk area fixes
  • Added custom area to Kamyshovo and some secret locations
  • fixed vehicles and helicopter spawns.
  • random artillery chemical attacks are live!
  • Tisy now has permanent toxic zones

Update 3/10/2021

  • @RaG_Landrover_Defender_110 updated
  • @Expansion updated
  • deactivated eAI: needs more work.

Update 2/10/2021

  • Server wipe, fresh install after v1.14, Expansion v1.63.


  • Server updated to v1.14 & Expansion to 1.6.3
  • Added Mogilevka customised area

Update 24/9/2021

The server was just wiped and lots of features have been tweaked or changed.

There are custom areas along the coast near spawns to give fresh spawns plenty of chances to gear up. There are also more customs zones inland. Currently, we have 17 customised areas and plan to add more as we go.

Each fresh spawn will start with a different kit randomly selected from a growing list of clothes, bags and hats.

Check the Book in-game for rules, and plenty of info (NB: the crafting recipes are not all for Expansion). The default shortcut is [B].

Access the map using the [M] key (default). You will need a compass to see your position on the map. Having a compass will also add a compass HUD to your screen.

To activate the GPS, you will need the actual item and a battery, turn it on and hold the [N] key.
You can create markers by double-clicking on the map without a compass or a GPS.

Some mods allow you to craft special or even craft regular items (try rags with a sewing kit). Take the time to check out the respective mod pages on Steam.

Parties and territories are limited to 5 people. Check the rules for more details.

Vehicles are plentiful and so are parts. Vehicles in Dayz are glitchy: use at your own risk. There is no compensation if your vehicle glitches.

There are 2 basic traders,  1 spec ops trader (Spyce Gurlz) and an isolated trader all the way up north. Only the basic traders have a safe zone and are guarded by AI.

The guards (blue police uniform) will aim at you if you approach armed. If you attack or aim at them, they will open fire. You have been warned!

Talking about AI: there are random patrols around the map. The different AI Factions are West, East, Raiders, Civilian and Guards. East will shoot at West, but not Civilian. West will shoot at East, but not Civilian. Raiders are hostile to all, even Raiders. Guards are allies to Players and Civilians. Civilian hostile to Players and Guards. You will be able to identify them by their outfit. AI will always prioritise infected. AI will show as UNKNOWN PLAYER on the kill feed.

Lastly, loot is plentiful and varied. Keep looking: you may find that rare Golden Deagle that will not only give you bragging rights but will also fetch a handsome amount when sold at the traders.

Update 23/9/2021

  • In-Vehicle Inventory added
  • Various tweaks for the server wipe (24/9/2021 AM)

Update 21/9/2021

  • Zelenogorsk area customised

Update 19/9/2021

  • Landrover added
  • 4 custom areas added: Pusta, Solincheny & Three Valley area, Prison
  • Secret Bunker added
  • various tweaks to loot

Update 11/9/2021

  • eAI mod added

Update 5/9/2021

  • Troitskoe (Kamensk) military camp tweaked.

Update 4/9/2021

  • Staroye military camp edited.

Update 1/9/2021

  • Added @No_WallHack_On_Connection:
    When connecting to the server, you will now have a black screen and spawn protection for 5-8 seconds.

Update 29/8/2021

  • Corrected error on ammunition pricing o_O
  • @Mortys Weapons updated (some compatibility between Expansion, Mass’s and Morty’s ammunition)
  • 10 new airdrop locations added

Update 26/8/2021

  • Traders listings updated
  • Northern trader marker added

Update 23/8/2021

  • @Mortys Weapons updated
  • VMC area revamped

Update 16/8/2021

  • added @ArrakisTraderSigns
  • Balota AF revamp
  • NEAF tweaked
  • Green Mountain tweaked
  • Zombies are reduced (increased numbers after Creepy Zombies was added)
  • other minor tweaks

Update 9/8/2021

  • Update to Green Mountain trader
  • NEAF area added

Update 7/8/2021

  • Added @CreepyZombies

Update 31/07/2021

  • Mod update
  • Expansion Book updated: Rules tab added
  • Log in time reduced to 5 seconds
  • Log out time changed to 30 seconds

Update 31/07/2021

  • Trader edits

Update 27/07/2021

  • Added Expansion vehicles and vehicle parts to the trader

Update 26/07/2021

  • Tweaked loot spawn rates for clothing.
  • Updated Morty’s Weapons (change logs here)

Update 24/07/2021

  • Gravecross settings fixed: When a player dies, if he/she has been alive for more than 15 minutes, a cross will spawn on the player’s location and despawn after 90 minutes. If the payer was alive for less than 15 minutes, the cross will only stay for 8 minutes.

Update 23/07/2021

  • Morty’s Weapons Mod updated
  • Environmental tweaks
  • Airdrops tweaks: military crates should now contain some of the mods gear.

Update 21/07/2021

  • Minor tweaks to loot spawns
  • Bambi/fresh spawn will now have random clothing, bag, hat and (a bit) more gear

Update 20/7/2021

Special trader added:

The SpyceGurlz have arrived. They have it all and more. Rumour says you can trade firearms, ammunition, special gear.

Update 19/7/2021

  • Reduced the amount of bags spawning
  • Reduced the amount of M203 grenades spawning
  • When you die, your body will be replaced with a cross. This cross will despawn after 1.5hrs.
  • Removed the Mass Scout Rifle, Mass Scout Magazine and Mass Scout Suppressor. They were incompatible with the Vanilla items.
  • Removed Morty’s Kar98 and Morty’s 8mm Mauser ammo. They were incompatible with the Vanilla items.
  • Fixed the top of the trader in the Kumyrna that was invisible.
  • Trader markers should now be visible as server markers: Green Mountain and Kumyrna.
  • Removed the Rules tab from Book. As soon as I can fix it I will bring it back.

Fresh Wipe – 17/07/2021

Chernarus map – Expansion Mod – Trader
STEAM Workshop Collection available.