DayZ – AU#1 2302 DayZ


Changes and tweaks will be published on this page.
All mods needed for the server are available in this collection.

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Update 23/1/2022

  • Added @More Wolves. Updated collection.
    Stray dogs now roam the map. They don’t howl, but they will attack players and provide 1x Dog Meat when skinned.
    Infected wolves roam the cities, towns, villages, farms and coastlines alone or in small packs. Infected wolves will not provide edible meat when killed. The default wolf spawns still work the same, but have a slightly higher chance to occur and include a chance of spawning in a Dire Wolf.
    Infected bears can also be found all across the map. They are slightly weaker, less aggressive and not as aware of their surroundings than the default bears, but still highly dangerous! Infected bears will not provide edible meat when killed. Default bear spawns still work the same.
  • Added 300+ new spawn locations for zombies. These are all over the map!

Update 14/1/2022

Update 13/1/2022

  • Added a new mission: Train wreck!
  • Various tweaks to the other missions.

Train Wreck

Update 13/1/2022

Minor tweaks to:

  • Expansion airdrop settings: more time between each airdrop.
  • Enabled player airdrops: use the Supply Smoke Signal to call in your own airdrop within 500m of your position. Zombies will not spawn on these airdrops.
  • Tweaks to loot tables to allow for the Supply Smoke Signals

Update 9/1/2022

Survivor Missions installed. Players do not have to download anything, this mod is server-side only.
From the author of the mod:
The goal is to bring PVE together with PVP players in one dedicated mission zone. Find a radio and tune in the mission frequency. Follow the instructions and localization info on that channel. Get rewards for your accomplished missions or get shot in the neck or mauled by a bear.

Update 2/1/2022

  • Zombies will now spawn with more winter gear
  • Some vehicles will now have a chance to contain cargo
  • Vehicle spawns tweaked: more types, more loot
  • Other minor tweaks

Update 1/1/2022

  • The Christmas decorations have been put away. The Santa wrecks, Christmas trees and Bonfire events are all turned off.
  • New event: the Resistance has been organising themselves. However, they seem to be losing their pilots to the infection at an alarming rate. Their helis have been spotted in random places in relatively good condition. Find one and it’s yours!

Update 25/12/2021

  • The spawn rate for .338 ammo and associated guns is reduced
  • Introduced Heli parts at vehicle trader.
  • Helicopters are now sellable at the trader.
  • You can now buy a key for your helicopter (choose the lost key option)
  • Lockpicking vehicles will now only have a 1 in 3 chance of succeeding and will take 2 minutes. The tool used will be damaged after the action no matter what the result is. There are only 2 tools that will allow you to lockpick a vehicle.
  • Other minor tweaks.

Update 25/12/2021

  • A new custom bunker was added. Go look for it!

Update 22/12/2021

Update 20/12/2021

  • @WinterCamoNet installed. It will make all camouflage nets white/snow.
  • Tweaked the seasonal events. They should now rotate locations more often.
  • Fixed .338 pricing at traders.

Update 17/12/2021

Winter is here!
The server wipe has been completed.
Mod collection available here. Come grab your Xmas gifts.

Server wipe announced

(12/12/2021: article published here)

Yes, it’s that time again!
I will be wiping the DayZ server on Friday, December 17th. The server will be down for most of the day.

The mods required are all in the collection available here. The collection will be updated closer to the wipe

Our Chernarus has over 20 customised zones: look for the revamped towns, caves, and of course, a trader.

Vybor, just south of the main airfield.


There will be 2 trading zones, one at Zub and another at Skalisty Island. The traders are set up as a facility, not as a means to race to who will be able to collect the most currency. Both traders have a safe zone.

Skalisty Island Trader


The map and loot have been set up so that no matter where you spawn, you have a fair chance of gearing up rapidly. In addition, the gear you will find will allow you to face most of what Chernarus will throw at you.

jeggingsflipflopwithsocksEvery fresh spawn will start with a random kit selected from 30 different items from the various mods installed on the server. This includes some superb leggings and some really adapted footwear. Of course, you will have some food, a knife and a water canteen in your starting kit.

Check the in-game Book for the server rules (also available here). The shortcut is [B].

By default, you can access the map using the [M] key. You will need a compass to see your position on the map. Having a compass will also add a compass HUD to your screen. You can still create markers on the map without a compass.

Vehicles are plentiful, and so are parts. Just remember, vehicles in Dayz are glitchy: use at your own risk. There will be no compensation if your vehicle glitches.

Chernarus’ environment is unforgiving. Between the local fauna, the infected and the weather, you’ll have plenty to worry about. Of course, the server will add random air raids, sporadic chemical artillery bombing and fixed contaminated zones. Finally, other players that you will cross paths with may create an extra challenge.
Just remember: incoming fire always has the right of way and is never friendly!



Update 1/12/2021

Update 25/11/2021

Update 24/11/2021

  • Various updates to server files after the 1.15 deployment.
  • The Trader has been updated with the latest addition types

Update 20/11/2021

Update 23/11/2021

Update 20/11/2021

  • @Expansion update
  • Stamina will now be affected by the load and the activity of your character.
    No more running forever with 2 fully loaded combat rucksacks…
    Stamina will regenerate fast if you are idle or walking. Stamina will also regenerate when sprinting, but after a while, it will start to drop.
    Aiming is easier: stabilising your aim will be faster and stamina will only start dropping after 5 seconds.
    Energy (food) and hydration (water) will also be affected by sprinting, at least a little more than it used to be.

Update 16/11/2021

Update 15/11/2021

Update 13/11/2021

Update 8/11/2021

  • re-added more possible locations for the airdrops: 23 in total!
  • modified the contents of the base-building airdrops (fewer signs, more mod content).

Update 30/10/2021

Update 30/10/2021

Update 30/10/2021

  • eAI has been turned off.
  • Tweaked the loot spawn in the tenement buildings.

Update 28/10/2021

  • Rules have been updated. These can be checked on the website, in-game and on discord.
  • Tweaked the spawn settings: added more gear to the list of possible items a player can be equipped with when spawning.

Update 27/10/2021

Update 23/10/2021

  • @Much Stuff Pack added. Added some of the new items to the airdrops.
  • Halloween items turned on.

Update 22/10/2021

  • @Expansion update.
  • Gravecrosses are turned off: bug with eAI affecting grave crosses. Instead, when a player dies their corpse will stay in place.

Update 21/10/2021

  • @RaG_Landrover_Defender_110 has been updated
  • @Expansion was also updated earlier this week.

Update 12/10/2021

Military zombies’ loot and gear will now include additional ammo types, varied military bags and vests, different headgear and armour.

Update 12/10/2021

eAI is back up!
Just a quick reminder on what to expect:

There are random patrols around the map. The patrols are made up of 1 to 5 *bots* or AI.
The different eAI Factions in operation are all hostile to players unless said otherwise:
– East will shoot at West, but not Civilian.
– West will shoot at East, but not Civilian.
– Raiders are hostile to all, even to Raiders.
– Guards are allies to Players and Civilians. These patrol around the 2 main trader zones (Green Mountain and Kumnyra) and will aim at you if you approach armed. If you, raise a weapon, attack or aim at them, they will open fire. You have been warned!
– Civilians are hostile to Players.

You should be able to identify them by their outfit (look for details).

eAI will always prioritise infected and will show as UNKNOWN PLAYER on the kill feed.

Update 11/10/2021

  • @RaG_Landrover_Defender_110 has been updated

Update 10/10/2021

  • Added to trader the scopes that were not there yet. Adjusted prices.

Update 9/10/2021

  • Staroye custom area now includes the town

Update 8/10/2021

  • @RaG_Landrover_Defender_110 updated
  • Svetloyarsk area fixes
  • Added custom area to Kamyshovo and some secret locations
  • fixed vehicles and helicopter spawns.
  • random artillery chemical attacks are live!
  • Tisy now has permanent toxic zones

Update 3/10/2021

  • @RaG_Landrover_Defender_110 updated
  • @Expansion updated
  • deactivated eAI: needs more work.

Update 2/10/2021

  • Server wipe, fresh install after v1.14, Expansion v1.63.


  • Server updated to v1.14 & Expansion to 1.6.3
  • Added Mogilevka customised area

Update 24/9/2021

The server was just wiped and lots of features have been tweaked or changed.

There are custom areas along the coast near spawns to give fresh spawns plenty of chances to gear up. There are also more customs zones inland. Currently, we have 17 customised areas and plan to add more as we go.

Each fresh spawn will start with a different kit randomly selected from a growing list of clothes, bags and hats.

Check the Book in-game for rules, and plenty of info (NB: the crafting recipes are not all for Expansion). The default shortcut is [B].

Access the map using the [M] key (default). You will need a compass to see your position on the map. Having a compass will also add a compass HUD to your screen.

To activate the GPS, you will need the actual item and a battery, turn it on and hold the [N] key.
You can create markers by double-clicking on the map without a compass or a GPS.

Some mods allow you to craft special or even craft regular items (try rags with a sewing kit). Take the time to check out the respective mod pages on Steam.

Parties and territories are limited to 5 people. Check the rules for more details.

Vehicles are plentiful and so are parts. Vehicles in Dayz are glitchy: use at your own risk. There is no compensation if your vehicle glitches.

There are 2 basic traders,  1 spec ops trader (Spyce Gurlz) and an isolated trader all the way up north. Only the basic traders have a safe zone and are guarded by AI.

The guards (blue police uniform) will aim at you if you approach armed. If you attack or aim at them, they will open fire. You have been warned!

Talking about AI: there are random patrols around the map. The different AI Factions are West, East, Raiders, Civilian and Guards. East will shoot at West, but not Civilian. West will shoot at East, but not Civilian. Raiders are hostile to all, even Raiders. Guards are allies to Players and Civilians. Civilian hostile to Players and Guards. You will be able to identify them by their outfit. AI will always prioritise infected. AI will show as UNKNOWN PLAYER on the kill feed.

Lastly, loot is plentiful and varied. Keep looking: you may find that rare Golden Deagle that will not only give you bragging rights but will also fetch a handsome amount when sold at the traders.

Update 23/9/2021

  • In-Vehicle Inventory added
  • Various tweaks for the server wipe (24/9/2021 AM)

Update 21/9/2021

  • Zelenogorsk area customised

Update 19/9/2021

  • Landrover added
  • 4 custom areas added: Pusta, Solincheny & Three Valley area, Prison
  • Secret Bunker added
  • various tweaks to loot

Update 11/9/2021

  • eAI mod added

Update 5/9/2021

  • Troitskoe (Kamensk) military camp tweaked.

Update 4/9/2021

  • Staroye military camp edited.

Update 1/9/2021

  • Added @No_WallHack_On_Connection:
    When connecting to the server, you will now have a black screen and spawn protection for 5-8 seconds.

Update 29/8/2021

  • Corrected error on ammunition pricing o_O
  • @Mortys Weapons updated (some compatibility between Expansion, Mass’s and Morty’s ammunition)
  • 10 new airdrop locations added

Update 26/8/2021

  • Traders listings updated
  • Northern trader marker added

Update 23/8/2021

  • @Mortys Weapons updated
  • VMC area revamped

Update 16/8/2021

  • added @ArrakisTraderSigns
  • Balota AF revamp
  • NEAF tweaked
  • Green Mountain tweaked
  • Zombies are reduced (increased numbers after Creepy Zombies was added)
  • other minor tweaks

Update 9/8/2021

  • Update to Green Mountain trader
  • NEAF area added

Update 7/8/2021

  • Added @CreepyZombies

Update 31/07/2021

  • Mod update
  • Expansion Book updated: Rules tab added
  • Log in time reduced to 5 seconds
  • Log out time changed to 30 seconds

Update 31/07/2021

  • Trader edits

Update 27/07/2021

  • Added Expansion vehicles and vehicle parts to the trader

Update 26/07/2021

  • Tweaked loot spawn rates for clothing.
  • Updated Morty’s Weapons (change logs here)

Update 24/07/2021

  • Gravecross settings fixed: When a player dies, if he/she has been alive for more than 15 minutes, a cross will spawn on the player’s location and despawn after 90 minutes. If the payer was alive for less than 15 minutes, the cross will only stay for 8 minutes.

Update 23/07/2021

  • Morty’s Weapons Mod updated
  • Environmental tweaks
  • Airdrops tweaks: military crates should now contain some of the mods gear.

Update 21/07/2021

  • Minor tweaks to loot spawns
  • Bambi/fresh spawn will now have random clothing, bag, hat and (a bit) more gear

Update 20/7/2021

Special trader added:

The SpyceGurlz have arrived. They have it all and more. Rumour says you can trade firearms, ammunition, special gear.

Update 19/7/2021

  • Reduced the amount of bags spawning
  • Reduced the amount of M203 grenades spawning
  • When you die, your body will be replaced with a cross. This cross will despawn after 1.5hrs.
  • Removed the Mass Scout Rifle, Mass Scout Magazine and Mass Scout Suppressor. They were incompatible with the Vanilla items.
  • Removed Morty’s Kar98 and Morty’s 8mm Mauser ammo. They were incompatible with the Vanilla items.
  • Fixed the top of the trader in the Kumyrna that was invisible.
  • Trader markers should now be visible as server markers: Green Mountain and Kumyrna.
  • Removed the Rules tab from Book. As soon as I can fix it I will bring it back.

Fresh Wipe – 17/07/2021

Chernarus map – Expansion Mod – Trader
STEAM Workshop Collection available.