DayZ – AU#1 2302 DayZ


Changes and tweaks done in the past.

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Update 23/07/2021

  • Morty’s Weapons Mod updated
  • Environmental tweaks
  • Airdrops tweaks: military crates should now contain some of the mods gear.

Update 21/07/2021

  • Minor tweaks to loot spawns
  • Bambi/fresh spawn will now have random clothing, bag, hat and (a bit) more gear

Update 20/7/2021

Special trader added:

The SpyceGurlz have arrived. They have it all and more. Rumour says you can trade firearms, ammunition, special gear.

Update 19/7/2021

  • Reduced the amount of bags spawning
  • Reduced the amount of M203 grenades spawning
  • When you die, you body will be replace with a cross. This cross will despawn after 1.5hrs.
  • Removed the Mass Scout Rifle, Mass Scout Magazine and Mass Scout Suppressor. They were incompatible with the Vanilla items.
  • Removed Morty’s Kar98 and Morty’s 8mm Mauser ammo. They were incompatible with the Vanilla items.
  • Fixed the top of the trader in the Kumyrna that was invisible.
  • Trader markers should now be visible as server markers: Green Mountain and Kumyrna.
  • Removed the Rules tab from Book. As soon as I can fix it I will bring it back.

Fresh Wipe – 17/07/2021

Chernarus map – Expansion Mod – Trader
STEAM Workshop Collection available.