DayZ, September 2022 Wipe

Welcome to Rostow!

Rostow is a land blocked country just North of Chernarus and shares its borders with Russia. It covers just over 200km2 of varied terrain with a continental weather. Its main industries were agriculture and mining. Wheat, barley and corn produced in Rostow is highly sought after in the rest of the world.

After the fall of the USSR, and like many of the newly independent states at the time, it turned to the European Union for their economical future. Russia, never saw it kindly as it had long wanted to keep control of the rich lithium and uranium deposits around Rostow.

Krasnapolle, Rostow’s most Sothern town has a a direct road to Chernogorsk where it used to export its cereals to the rest of the world.

During the first decade of the 21st century. Rostow’s big neighbour, claimed it as part of their territory and invaded Rostow.

Many landmarks have scars of the recent conflcit

Follow a year long conflict that tore the country apart. Long hoped help from the EU came too late and Russia managed to take over the control of the small country.

Resistance organised itself with strong links to Livonia and Takistan’s freedom fighters.

Then came the coronavirus pandemic. A rushed vaccine developed in neighbouring Chernarus by an international pharmaceutical consortium resulted in the virus adapting to the human body in a way never observed before. The virus was now able to take over completely it’s human host effectively transforming it into a zombie.

Playing Dayz on the OGOC sever.

All the mods required to play on our server are available in this collection. Several mods add some functionalities to the game. Take the time to scan over their descriptions.

Check out the rules here on the website, on Discord or in-game using the [B]ook.

Like all maps in DayZ, Rostow is unforgiving for the careless, but plenty of resources for the survivor.

The local fauna is abundant and is both a source of food and danger. There are rumours that some animals have been infected by the virus…

Loot is as always, plentiful and varied: learn to use what you have, not what you want to have.

As previously, you will have access to the Expansion Market system and AI will be present in various areas.

A small note about the trader: not everything is for sale or purchase. Use the it a facility not a means to survive. Do not count on the trader to have a permanent supply of everything you need to survive!

You will need a compass to be able to see your position on the [M]ap. Because you are an expert old school Map&Nav, this should not be an issue. You can of course use GPS, but this will not show your position on the map. Instead the GPS will show you where you are.

Managing your resources in DayZ is crucial. Check out this article on how to stay healthy in Dayz.

Airdrops will also be sent in and dropped on various locations: be sure to look out for those Airdrop markers.

You’ll also be challenged by bombing raids, random chemical artillery, roaming AI and the occasional “friendly” player. Remember that incoming fire always has the right of way and is never friendly!

Ostrovez Airfield, now abandonned.

Base building

Some of the OldNag’s Building kits and materials required to complete the buildings.

You can use both Vanilla and Expansion base building parts. And remember to lock up or hide your valuables. No lock is 100% safe.

There are several no-build zones where it will not be possible to install a base. You will however still be able to build some elements of the game like a fireplace or maybe even some form of shelter.

We have now added OldNag’s excellent base building mod. This will allow you to build some custom shacks, doors, etc… Each building requires a specific Blueprint that once combined with a toolbox, you will allow you to create a kit for the blueprint’s building.

Doors created through this mod can be locked with the Expansion CodeLock.

A note of caution, when placing an OldNag building, you will have to make sure you can see the building before placing. If you place the building while it is not visible you will lose all your materials.


There are plenty of vehicles and spare parts to find around the map.

We run Nehr’s Ladas, Custom vehicles as well as all the usual Vanilla and Expansion vehicles.

There has even been sightings of the Resistance’s helicopters abandoned (nearly) intact after the pilots falling ill to the sickness.

Just a friendly reminder that vehicles in DayZ are glitchy: use them at your own risk as there will be no compensation for any losses resulting from a glitched vehicle.

Give a try

DayZ is challenging by definition. You start with little; you don’t need much to get yourself in a pickle, and you have even less before you know it.

My only tip to a new DayZ player would be in Wyatt Earp’s words: “Make haste, slowly“.

Bring along some friends, or not. Fire up the DayZ launcher and look for the OGOC server. Don’t forget to hop on Discord and ask questions or just have a chat.

Go on, give a go: I dare you!

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Armaholic (11.7K hours in Arma3). Dayz server admin and apprentice coder (copy/paste works great). Left handed allen key specialist.