DayZ, September 2022 Wipe

Welcome to Rostow! Rostow is a land blocked country just North of Chernarus and shares its borders with Russia. It covers just over 200km2 of varied terrain with a continental weather. Its main industries were agriculture and mining. Wheat, barley and corn produced in Rostow is highly sought after in the rest of the world. [...]

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Dayz March 2022 Wipe

A new world to explore On Friday, March 11th, 2022 I will be wiping our current Dayz setup and will replace it with the next world to explore. We will be going to Deer Isle, an excellent map created by JohnMAcLane.  A little history for context Jelení Ostrov, otherwise better known to us westerners as [...]

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Dayz “Steak Arena”

Two Men Enter! One Man Leaves! We’re running the ultimate DayZ PVP event! September 4 @ 8:00pm! Click on the event link below for more info.. Prizes include Merch Packs, Sticker Packs, and VIP Time. Some prizes will be awarded randomly for participating and others for winning mini-games on the night. Be there or lose [...]

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