Output 2024 ANZAC Day Event

🎖️ Attention all ARMA KoTH Players! 🎖️

In honor of ANZAC Day and to mark the end of the School Holidays in Australia, we’re excited to announce a special event that will double your gaming excitement!
🗓️ Event Dates: 25th April – 28th April!!

During this period, you’ll earn Double XP across all matches in ARMA KoTH!!

It’s the perfect time to rank up, unlock new gear, and show your skills on the battlefield!

Let’s come together to remember the brave soldiers on ANZAC Day and make the most of the last days of the school break.

So gear up, squad up, and jump into the action! See you on the hill, soldiers!

*This event is brought to you as a tribute to the ANZAC spirit. Lest we forget.*

So don’t forget to bake/buy your ANZAC biscuits and jump on our servers for some ANZAC day fun!

Don’t forget that if server #1 is full, we have a second SOG Prairiefire server on our AU#2 server also!

Server 1 can be found here:

Server 2 can be found here:

As always if you have any questions our discord is here:

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