Sale on VIP Across All Servers!

We’ve put VIP on sale on Output Gaming VIP across ALL Output Gaming Servers! We had a massive response to our Halloween event! Thank you to those that came and played on our ArmA KotH servers over the Halloween weekend! Because your response was so huge, we EVEN populated our 2nd KotH Server as well! [...]

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Warlords Tournament

A note before we begin: OutputGaming are sponsoring hosting for this tournament, however it is not being directly run or organised under the OutputGaming banner. Our Team Member Ferzhuzad will be handling the tournament and all queries should be sent to him via discord – Ferzhuzad#8956 I am organizing a Warlords 10v10 Team/Clan tournament which [...]

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EvE Online: Onslaught

With the advancement of EvE Online to its next release, Onslaught, CCP has added some very interesting new features to the game on the 13th of November! This mix up means that there are new structures, new ships and new balance passes that have happened, with that being said, I will outline the update in [...]

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Website v2, New Logo and 6 Month Update!

Well, it’s now been 6 months, and I would like to thank all of our players for working with us during the re-shuffle of everything. Over the past 6 months, we’ve experienced a large amount of changes, and reached some Milestones. You can read on for further information on them below. [...]

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OutputGaming – Community versus Team

In order to facilitate moving back to it’s roots (as a private Casual Gaming Team), we will be moving all related ARMA KoTH (and eXile) servers and merging my personal ASMyGS Communities together, to form While we had a long run, with our ARMA3 Services operating underneath the banner and organisational structure of [...]

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