EvE Online: Onslaught

With the advancement of EvE Online to its next release, Onslaught, CCP has added some very interesting new features to the game on the 13th of November!
This mix up means that there are new structures, new ships and new balance passes that have happened, with that being said, I will outline the update in some detail here with links to further reading if you are so inclined, as well as a link to the patch notes (if you missed them!).

Lets start with the new Structures:

The Ansiblex Jump Gate

As it is stated in this structures description:
“The Ansiblex enables point-to-point FTL travel even for ships that lack their own jump drives, and a matched pair of gates provides a transport connection between two star systems within its operational range, using stabilized spatiotemporal tunneling. The Ansiblex makes a large number of improvements over the older jump bridge portal devices, and incorporates some elements of Triglavian Collective space-time conduit technology in its workings.”

In essence, it is a replacement for the current Player Owned Starbase Jumpbridge modules. With the ability to dictate who moves through the gate, the owners can make them free networks, open them to specific allies and even charge them for the use of their network.
These jump bridges, whilst part of the ‘Upwell Structure’ system, do not have weapon systems, they have to be placed under the guns of a Citadel to be defended, this means they are far easier to kill.

Some other quick facts about these gates:

  • Requires any faction fuel block to online and run, however use Liquid Ozone per jump, based on the mass of the ship passing through
  • Significantly shorter reinforcement times, still to defenders liking, however they also have significantly less health that other structures as well
  • Jump Fatigue is not accumulated by using these gates, making them akin to stargates that are already in the game
  • Any ship up to Capital, including those with jump drives may use these gates


The Pharolux Cynosural Beacon

As it is stated in this structures description:
“The Pharolux provides a stationary cynosural beacon on to which jump-capable vessels can lock their drives and make FTL jumps, safe in the knowledge of a stable connection in a presumably secure location. The Upwell Consortium has made certain improvements but the base technology used in the Pharolux is essentially the tried and true cynosural beacon device.”

In short, these beacons are used for Black Ops battleships, Capitals, Super Capital and Titan class vessels to jump to.
It allows them, as described to ‘lock on’ to them within their range and jump, allowing them to move without the need of a fellow capsuleer.

These structures, akin to the Jumpgate have no weapons, a shorter and more efficient kill timer and are generally place on top of their larger, meaner Citadel counterparts.
They also require any fuel block to run!

Tenebrex Cynosural Jammer 

As it is stated in this structures description:

“As with established, large-scale cynosural jamming technology, the Tenebrex creates a system-wide inhibitor field which prevents cynosural generators, except covert cynosural generators, from functioning. With cynosural jamming an important element of strategic warfare, the Tenebrex incorporates certain improvements on the basic cyno jamming technology that it uses.”

To be blunt, it does the opposite of the Pharolux Cynosural Generator, it blocks Cynosural fields from being activated in the system.
You can still have both structures anchored in the system, however only one may be online and running at a time, as they cancel each other out!

As this structure is another navigation structure, it has the same health and weapon restrictions as the above two, generally place well within the gunner range of its tougher Citadel counterparts.

Some further quick facts about this structure:

  • You can have as many anchored in one system at a time as you want, however, you may only have one online at a time
  • It replaces the clunky Player Owned Starbase module that takes 30 minutes to online, it now only takes 5 minutes to online
  • When activated, it turns all cynosural generators off in system


Now on with the rest!

Updated Gate Visuals

From the EvE Online updates site:
“As EVE Online: Onslaught arrives, pilots will an overhaul of visual effects around stargates, as these structures come to life with new animations, effects, textures and tweaks to geometry, breathing fresh life into one of the most widely used set of structures in New Eden.”

The gates have been tweaked, including the addition of the flags of the owners of systems, the security status of the next system you are jumping into and beyond that, the activation visuals have been updated, making them look more alive, smoother and just all around more fluid!


New Cooperative Sites: 

Abyssal dead space sites now have a cooperative mode, where you and two other capsuleers can fly the dangerous depths to gather what you can from the Triglavian collective!
Be careful though, as they are prepared for the capsuleers to come and won’t let you take anything without a fight.

The sites are ship size restricted, much like their solo counterpart, except this time it is limited to frigates, however you may use any frigate at your disposal!


New Duel Arena:

Along with the addition of the cooperative Abyssal sites, CCP have added Abyssal Arenas, where you can Duel a fellow capsuleer in the murky depths of Abyssal space to determine who is the better pilot. These sites can be used by any ships up to battleship hulls.

Currently, there is a pilot who had a rather unbroken win streak in these arenas, collecting kills and loot as he pleases, having won over 20 duels without losing a single ship.

To read more about the ‘Lord Of The Abyss’, click here!


New Triglavian Ships:

In addition, again to these Abyssal sites, there are now two new Triglavian Ships.

The Kikimora

A Triglavian Destroyer, used by the Triglavian Collective as a fast, hit and run vessel.


The Drekavac

A Triglavian Battlecruiser, it is built by the Triglavian Collective to be an outright brawling monster.


The addition of both of these hulls pulls the Triglavian Collective ship group more in line with the other factions.
Triglavians now have a Frigate, Destroyer, Cruiser, Battlecruiser and Battleship class hull, allowing capsuleers to expand and diversify with these ships.

For further reading about all the Triglavian updates, click here!

Along with this update there were further balance passes and changes!

Force Auxillary Balance Pass: click here!

Development Blog for the new Structures: click here!


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