OGOC KoTH Giveaway!

Hi All, We are running a new giveaway competition on our KoTH servers! To be Eligible, you need to follow the below steps on our discord: React to our discord #giveaways-and-deals post with the emoji Head on over to our website, and link your discord if you haven’t already https://www.outputgaming.org/og-account This giveaway will be held [...]

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King of the Hill – V15 Sneak Peak

King of the Hill has now been running for over 8 years, and Sa-Matra is continuing to add new features into the game. With a new year, comes new changes. We’ve included a sneak peak of some of the planned new features which we’re looking forward to releasing this year. [...]

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ArmA KOTH Halloween Weekend!

Hi ArmA players! Sorry for the late notice on this one, but better late than never, right? If you’ve ever wanted to hop in and level up AND purchase all those extra guns, then this weekend may just be for you. From Sa-Matra: We are happy to announce that this Halloween weekend (starting from October [...]

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ArmaKOTH Double XP Weekend!!

Hey Playerz, We’re running a double XP Long Weekend on our KOTH Servers! In order to celebrate some special events we’re running double XP from October 1st through til October 4th inclusive. Reasons?1. School Holidays 2. October Long Weekend 3. One of our founders commemorates another circle around the sun. Its a Myztery who… So [...]

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KoTH AU#3 – Updates

Due to lack of interest, and with the Christmas Holidays starting. I’ve converted our AU#3 server back to a Normal Light Vehicles Server. The server is now live, running on (mostly) the same old Rules which served players for the past few years. No Heavy Aircraft, No Full-blown Tanks, and Access to Light/Medium APC’s and [...]

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The HC Infantry Server Is Back

For those that have been asking for the HC INF server. Good news it’s back! Server 2  (AU2) has been swapped out for a Hardcore Infantry Server for a limited time. If you want to level up faster don’t forget you will receive the hardcore bonus without being disadvantaged by third person players. On Saturday December [...]

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