Black Friday/Cyber Monday PC Hardware Specials 2021

It’s that time of year again! Here are some of the sales and pre-sales which caught our attention! Please bear in mind OutputGaming are not affiliated with any of these companies, and neither are we endorsing them. This list is just for your browsing/shopping pleasure. PC Case Gear have an “Early Deals” page up [...]

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Steam Autumn Sale (24/11/2021 – 1/12/2021)

Hey Output Family, We just wanted to reach out and let you all know about some of the awesome deals Steam have for their Autumn Sale! It’s no secret that I love my FPS games so 1st off the rank is: Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege The Rainbow Six franchise has had a hell of [...]

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Sale on VIP Across All Servers!

We’ve put VIP on sale on Output Gaming VIP across ALL Output Gaming Servers! We had a massive response to our Halloween event! Thank you to those that came and played on our ArmA KotH servers over the Halloween weekend! Because your response was so huge, we EVEN populated our 2nd KotH Server as well! [...]

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ArmA KOTH Halloween Weekend!

Hi ArmA players! Sorry for the late notice on this one, but better late than never, right? If you’ve ever wanted to hop in and level up AND purchase all those extra guns, then this weekend may just be for you. From Sa-Matra: We are happy to announce that this Halloween weekend (starting from October [...]

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ArmaKOTH Double XP Weekend!!

Hey Playerz, We’re running a double XP Long Weekend on our KOTH Servers! In order to celebrate some special events we’re running double XP from October 1st through til October 4th inclusive. Reasons?1. School Holidays 2. October Long Weekend 3. One of our founders commemorates another circle around the sun. Its a Myztery who… So [...]

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KoTH v14 – Spawn Truck Mechanics

In KoTH V14 Sa-Matra introduced the Spawn Vehicle Mechanic. This vehicle is a cut-down version of an APC, which can be driven into the AO, and used as a remote spawn device for Infantry. Respawn times of the Spawn Vehicle This depends on what is happening at the exact moment your spawn vehicle is destroyed. [...]

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KoTH Chernarus / Takistan & VIP Day Giveaway!

We have 100 VIP days (each) to give away to 4 lucky people as part of the release of the Chernarus / Takistan gamemodes. Starting this Friday the 7th of February, players will be able to take advantage of: TWO WEEKS of Double XP on all Chernarus/Takistan KoTH Servers 1x Free Gun/Launcher Unlock on all [...]

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