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Lest We Forget – ANZAC Memorial Weekend

In order to commemorate our fallen heroes, we are going to be running a special event for the ANZAC day weekend this year.

If you join our servers from the 23rd to the 25th of April, and complete a full round you will unlock an exclusive vehicle skin based on the Australian Defense Force Camo which was made by our very own community member Sarah Starchild!

IN ADDITION from April 23rd through til April 25th we will also be having DoubleXP globally!

The two “DCPU” skins will be Exclusively available on OGOC Servers while the “Squiggly” skin is available on all other servers during this period.

Teaser images below as provided by Sarah and Sa-Matra.

ADF “Squiggly”

ADF “DCPU Desert”

ADF “DCPU Forest”

Don’t forget to bake/buy your ANZAC biscuits and jump on our servers for some ANZAC day fun!

Don’t forget that if server 1 is full, we have a second server and we have applied Hardcore settings on our AU#2 server for the duration of the event.

Server 1 can be found here:

Server 2 can be found here:

As always if you have any questions our discord is here:

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