ARMA3 KoTH AU#2 – Changes – 12/02/2019

After some feedback from players, and understanding that AU#2 hasn’t been filling up much lately, I’ve put in place the below changes, to give some of our more “air-inclined” players. Re-Enabled Pawnee, Orca, and Hellcat Armed – This will be available on the server once 10 players is reached Re-Enabled Titan AA – As it’s [...]

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ARMA3 Server Update – January 2019

Throughout January we have been changing our servers around, and trying to optimise our offering for players. A list of these changes is included below. AU#1 – Slot Increase The base slot count for AU#1 has been increased to 100. Of these 100, 85 slots are available for players without a Reserved Slot. This is [...]

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Merry Christmas – ARMA Contribution Bonus

Hi All, We thank all of our Contributors, and all of our Members for their support , and Wish you all a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year. As of 7PM Today (Christmas Eve), I’ve increased the Contributions per $5 from 31 => 40. This will be the in place until 7th January. Don’t [...]

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EvE Online: Onslaught

With the advancement of EvE Online to its next release, Onslaught, CCP has added some very interesting new features to the game on the 13th of November! This mix up means that there are new structures, new ships and new balance passes that have happened, with that being said, I will outline the update in [...]

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