ARMA3 KoTH AU#2 – Changes – 12/02/2019

After some feedback from players, and understanding that AU#2 hasn’t been filling up much lately, I’ve put in place the below changes, to give some of our more “air-inclined” players.

  • Re-Enabled Pawnee, Orca, and Hellcat Armed – This will be available on the server once 10 players is reached
  • Re-Enabled Titan AA – As it’s one of the few ways to properly combat the heavy weaponry available on the Pawnee’s

If this goes well, I’ll leave it, however I have been working with Sa-Matra on versions of the Aircraft which do not have the DAR’s, and are more suitable for Light Vehicles.

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Founder of OutputGaming. Operating Infrastructure, and Back-End Development. Myzteriouz1 is also a Staff member for the WS, and ARMAKOTH Community.

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