ARMA3 Server Update – January 2019

Throughout January we have been changing our servers around, and trying to optimise our offering for players. A list of these changes is included below.

AU#1 – Slot Increase

The base slot count for AU#1 has been increased to 100. Of these 100, 85 slots are available for players without a Reserved Slot. This is to try and encourage some big games, and get more people back into KoTH, instead of seeing a full smaller slot server and playing a different game. Players have been mentioning they’ve been enjoying the big-scale Infantry Action also!

AU#2 – Back to Light Vehicles

AU#2 has been changed back to a Normal Light-Vehicles Server. Prior to the Infantry Only take-off, this was our most popular server for ~4 years, and was the first of it’s type. It’s a core game type we’ll always support, and will be our sole secondary server.

The base slot count for this server is 80, and of these 80, 64 slots are available for players without a Reserved Slot. We found this was the perfect balance for this server.

AU#3 – Retired

We have Retired the AU#3 name again, as presently there is not enough players to have a 3rd server in place.

eXile – Retired

After around 2 years of providing a free eXile Server, we have finally retired this. For the past few months it has been dwindling in population and a final decision was made amongst staff to remove this from service.

We’d like to thank all the players who have supported the server and members of the exile community for their contributions with scripts and development support.

I’d personally like to thank Spazz711 for his work on this over the past few years it was running. He designed the original server, and kept it updated until the end (even releasing an update after the server was announced as being Retired).

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Founder of OutputGaming. Operating Infrastructure, and Back-End Development. Myzteriouz1 is also a Staff member for the WS, and ARMAKOTH Community.

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