Sale on VIP Across All Servers!

We’ve put VIP on sale on Output Gaming VIP across ALL Output Gaming Servers!

We had a massive response to our Halloween event! Thank you to those that came and played on our ArmA KotH servers over the Halloween weekend!

Because your response was so huge, we EVEN populated our 2nd KotH Server as well!

For this reason, we’re thanking you all by offering a sale on our 9 month and 12 month VIP contributions!

Long-term contributions helps Output Gaming in many ways. Those who contribute to our server costs over a longer period allow us to plan for server and game capacity in the future. In some cases this allows us to open up new trial services, or even pre-purchase merchandise such as Mouse Pads!

We’ve dropped our 9 month contribution from A$45.00 down to $42.00. Our 12 month contribution from A$60.00 per year down to $55.00!

How do we use your contributions and what does VIP get me?

Your contributions to go towards keeping our paid servers online, paying our bandwidth, and putting up additional game servers. They also help pay for services such as providing Discord Boosts and other paid services we use to run our systems.

We also support the mod developers. In KoTH for instance, we regularly donate whatever we can to assist Sa-Matra to keep up the excellent work he does on a day to day basis!

Contributing to the running costs of the server and community earns you VIP status across all our servers including ArmA3 KotH, DayZ, and Squad! Benefits include:

Reserved Slots

We provide reserved / priority slots for a number of services. This includes ARMA3 and Squad. One contribution will cover your access to all services we host that can be monetized.


We provide Priority Access on our Discord. This includes private ‘Contributor Only’ channels and access to some additional channels and new features early.

Website Features

We provide some additional features for our Website to Contributors.
These features include:

Early Access to Features

Sometimes we will call on our Contributors to come and test out features, or games from time to time. If you’ve ever contributed we will reach out to you first!

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