King Of The Hill: Vietnam

The roar of the Huey engine, the cracking of ground fire as you land, the sound of your team mates dropping around you as you scramble for cover from the incoming RPG.

This is King of The Hill using the S.O.G. Prairie DLC – It is a relentless experience no matter what side of the fence you are on, whether it be Vietnamese forces or the United States forces. It will take you through frustration, fun and exhilaration as you vie for control over 5 new AO’s on the new Cam Lao Nam map introduced with the Prairie DLC.

We’ll go over the new AO’s, some of the weapons and what the Output Gaming servers and KoTH currently allow in this post!

AO #1 – Da Nang

Da Nang from Above
Da Nang from above

Da Nang is a coastal AO with a very open plan, with some urban environments to fight relatively closely in, it is not an AO to be underestimated. There are plenty of hiding places for both sides, from the rooftops in the urbanized sections to the bushes, shrubs and grassland in the less built up areas.

AO #2 – Hue Citadel

Hue Citadel from above

Hue Citadel is an AO based around a citadel temple, it is a fortress that once held is hard to break into. It requires a lot of coordination to break the walls of this AO and deal with the enemies inside. The most prominent feature is the Temple, with the ability to use the winding maze of halls underneath it or utilize its roof to elevate your position on the enemies that are encroaching and gain an advantage.

AO #3 – Hue City

Hue City from above

Hue City is a sprawling urban center, it is a very large, very close quarter fighting area. Many buildings have the ability to be climbed to give you a height advantage, but along side this the low areas are filled with what once were bustling markets allowing troops to move relatively undetected. The major feature of Hue City is the American FOB that is mixed in with the urban environment, this fortified area can be a very hot combat zone if contest is required.

AO #4 – Hanoi

Hanoi from above

Hanoi is a city on the river, having a fairly dense urban sprawl, it boasts a lot of close quarters fighting. The town wraps around a main complex that includes a lot of cover and allows troops to move around inside of its walls. This is usually a hotly contested area. The biggest feature on this AO is the railway station, a massive structure that may allow the willing marksman an advantageous angle.

AO #5 – Saigon

Saigon from above

Saigon is the densest of all five AO’s that are currently in rotation in KoTH. The most obvious points of interest for those with a keen sense for verticality are going to be the cities two ‘hotel’ buildings, these tower over all of the other structures in the AO. However, they aren’t alone, the smoke stack in the Industrial zone allows for further control over the AO from a different angle. Expect a lot of intense fighting in the alleys and tight streets below, but keep your head down, you might lose it.

AO #6 – Bai Chai

Bai Chai from above

Bai Chai is the newest AO to be added to King of The Hill Vietnam – It is an open grounded haven for those who know how to capture and hold buildings as cover is very limited – The most prominent features are the port area with a lot of high, climbable structures and the centralized tower that has the ability to see over the township itself. Watch these points as there may be snipers lurking…

The weapons, vehicles and the different sides of the conflict within KoTH

The United States Army weapons/vehicles:

Main Weapons:

Side Arms/Accessories:

  • M14/M14 Camo Variant
  • M16/M16 Marksman Variant
  • M3A1 Grease Gun
  • M1897 Shotgun
  • MC-10
  • M1 Carbine (2.2x Optic)
  • M/45 Submachine Gun
  • Sten Mk.II
  • XM177
  • M40 Sniper Rifle
  • XM21 Sniper Rifle
  • M79 40mm GL
  • M63A
  • M60/M60 Shorty
  • RPD Shorty

  • M72 Law
  • Mk2 Knife
  • M1911
  • HP Automatic
  • Model 10
  • HD
  • Mk22 Mod 0

Ground Vehicles:

Air Vehicles:

  • Bicycle (Driver, Passenger – Armament: Bell)**
  • M151A1 Transport (Covered – Driver, 2 Seats)**
  • M151A1 Armoured (Driver, Gunner, Passenger – Armament: M60-D)**
  • M151A1 Patrol (Driver, 2 Gunners – Armament: M60-D, M2HB)**
  • M54 Gun Truck (Driver, 3 Gunners, 5 Seats – Armament: 3 x M2HB)
  • M55 AA Truck (Quad) (Driver, Gunner and Passenger – Armament: M45)
  • M54 Gun Truck (Minigun) (Driver, 3 Gunners and 5 seats – Armament: M134 Minigun, M60-D)
  • M41A3 Walker Bulldog (Driver, Gunner, Commander and Passenger – Armament: M32A1 76mm, M73, M2HB)
  • Type 63 Tank (Driver, Gunner, Commander and Passenger – Armament: Type 62 85mm, SGMT, DShKM)

  • UH-1D Iroquois Slick (Army) (Pilot, Co-Pilot, 2 Gunners and 11 Seats – Armament: M60-D)**
  • OH-6A Cayuse (Pilot, Co-Pilot, Gunner, Passenger – Armament: M60-D)**
  • OH-6A Cayuse (Scout GL) (Pilot, Co-Pilot, Gunner, Passenger – Armament: M75, M60-D)
  • OH-6A Cayuse (Gunship/CAS) (Pilot, Co-Pilot, Gunner, Passenger – Armament: M134 Minigun, M60-D, FFAR 2.75in)
  • UH-34 Stinger (CAS) (Pilot, Co-Pilot, 2 Gunners, 2 Seats – Armament: M60-C, M60-D, FFAR 2.75in)
  • UH-1C Iroquois Hog (Pilot, Co-Pilot, 2 Gunners, 4 Seats – Armament: M60-D, FFAR 2.75in)

** – Vehicles with Asterisk are available on the OGOC infantry server [AU2]

The North Vietnamese Army weapons/vehicles:

Main Weapons

Side Arms/Accessories:

  • SKS Rifle
  • Type 56 Assault Rifle
  • PPS-52
  • ISh-54/ISh-54 Sawn Off (Shotgun)
  • PPSh-41/K-50M
  • M49/56 (3.5x Optic)
  • MAT-49
  • MP40
  • M38 Rifle
  • DP-27
  • RPD
  • PK
  • M91/30 Rifle (3.5x Optic)
  • SKS Rifle (Marksman Variant) (3.5x Optic)
  • B40 (RPG, PG-2 Variant)
  • B41 (RPG, PG-7V Variant)
  • 9K32 Strela-2M
  • Knife (VC)
  • PM
  • TT-33
  • M1895
  • M712
  • ISh-54 (Sidearm)

Ground Vehicles:

Air Vehicles:

  • Bicycle (Driver, Passenger – Armament: Bell)**
  • Offroad (Open) (Driver, 2 Seats)**
  • Z-157 (DShKM) (Driver, 2 Gunners – Armament: DShKM)**
  • BTR40 Transport (Driver, 8 Seats)**
  • BTR40 (DShKM) (Driver, Gunner, 7 Seats – Armament: DShKM)**
  • Z-157 (ZPU-4) (Driver, 2 Gunners – Armament: ZPU-4)
  • BTR40 (ZPU-4) (Driver, Gunner, Passenger – Armament: ZPU-4)
  • Type 63 Tank (Driver, Gunner, Commander, Passenger – Armament: Type 62 85mm, SGMT, DShKM)
  • M41A3 Walker Bulldog (Driver, Gunner, Commander and Passenger – Armament: M32A1 76mm, M73, M2HB)
  • Mi-2P Hoplite (Transport) (Pilot, Co-Pilot, Gunner, 5 Seats – Armament: PK)**
  • Mi-2US Hoplite (MG) (Pilot, Co-Pilot, Gunner, 2 Seats – Armament: NS23 23mm Cannon, PK)
  • Mi-2URN Viper (HEAT) (Pilot, Co-Pilot, Gunner, 2 Seats – Armament: NS23 23mm Cannon, PK, S-5KO 57mm)
  • Mi-2URP Salamander (AT) (Pilot, Co-Pilot, Gunner, 2 Seats – Armament: NS23 23mm Cannon, PK, 9M14M Malyutka (AT-3)

** – Vehicles with Asterisk are available on the OGOC infantry server [AU2]

Extras, Perks, Etc.

The Buildings

With the introduction of the Cam Lao Nam map, there has been a slew of new little additions and interesting perk changes. One of the most interesting additions is the ability to, on most buildings, climb the water downpipes that go all the way to the top. This allows you to get a lot of height advantage and is also one reason why the towers were removed from the AO’s for this iteration of the KoTH mode on OGOC Servers. The building mix itself is interesting, using all custom, DayZ, Arma 2, Tanoa and standard Arma 3 buildings, it gives a lot of variety and most, if not all buildings can be entered and used from the inside.


This iteration of KoTH comes with several new outfits! See these below, my favourite is being a NVA Sailor Moon cosplay.

NVA Outfits

Some of these outfits actually have branches, leaves and other attachments automatically on them

United States Outfits


With regards to perks, they are still the same perks as per the original KoTH – HOWEVER! – they have some additional little perks, for some examples of this, the PPSh usually has a 35rnd magazine, however if you have the machine gunner perk on you get a 71rnd Drum Magazine. This is not the only example of this though as the US side have several guns including the the M16 where they get extended magazines in them, so check that out!
Another change that is made by the perks is the fact that some guns, which have front sights on them are removed when the silencer perk is chose, this can alter guns enough to make them better or worse based on your preference of sights.


After all this is said and done, I have to say that this is the most fun that I have had with the KoTH game mode, the new DLC adds a lot of content that makes the game both new, engaging and difficult. The vehicles are heavy, clunky and open, the building and AO’s are absolutely gorgeous and the map is incredible. The difficulty is ramped up somewhat however with only iron sights being available for most weapons (apart from marksman rifles) and the lack of body armor makes the time to kill and die very intense. Even still, it is definitely a must pick up and play just to experience the chaos of the AO’s.

I hope you enjoyed the read and I cannot wait to face you all in the new AO’s.

If you want to pick up the DLC you can do so here:

If you want to join the Output Gaming Vietnam server, you can do so through here:

*** Updated as of 14/05/21 to include Bai Chai AO

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