ArmA KOTH Halloween Weekend!

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Hi ArmA players!

Sorry for the late notice on this one, but better late than never, right?

If you’ve ever wanted to hop in and level up AND purchase all those extra guns, then this weekend may just be for you.

From Sa-Matra: We are happy to announce that this Halloween weekend (starting from October 29 through til November 1) KOTH servers will feature not only double XP earned but also double $ earned! Great time to rack up some major cash!

But wait, There’s more! Each community will feature a special Halloween badge that you will receive upon joining the server! Special thanks goes out to Myzt and to Gwenhyvar for their help in producing our badge designs!

Even better! Playing through full round will unlock you a unique pumpkin camo that works with every vehicle and will remain available to you forever after the event!

So jump on and double down (up?) on your XP and cash this Halloween weekend!

Don’t forget that if server 1 is full, we have a second server and we have applied the same settings across both for the duration of the event.

Server 1 can be found here:

Server 2 can be found here:

As always if you have any questions our discord is here:

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