OGOC KoTH Giveaway!

Hi All,

We are running a new giveaway competition on our KoTH servers!

To be Eligible, you need to follow the below steps on our discord:

  • React to our discord #giveaways-and-deals post with the emoji
  • Head on over to our website, and link your discord if you haven’t already https://www.outputgaming.org/og-account

This giveaway will be held over a 5 week period.

For the first 4 weeks we will draw a minor prize:
30 Days of VIP PLUS a Merch Pack including Stubby Holder

On the 5th week we will draw a major prize:
$50 STEAM Gift Card PLUS 120D VIP PLUS a Merch Pack including Stubby Holder

Each player will be granted one entry per 7.5 hours played on our servers per week, with a maximum entries per week capped at 5 total.
Every week your entries will reset for the weekly draw, however they will be added to your total for the final week.
You will only be eligible for the weekly draw once, but you will be eligible for both a Weekly and Major prize.

Week 1: 7.5hrs played = 1 entries
Week 2: 15 hrs played = 2 entries
Week 3: 0 hrs played = 0 entries
Week 4: 30hrs played = 4 entries
Week 5: 7.5 hrs played = 8 entries total

Additional Terms and Information:

  • Prizes will be drawn each Sunday commencing from Monday 8th August 2022.
  • Times will be calculated at exactly 7 days prior to the time of drawing.
  • Players must have reacted to the post prior to the drawing to be considered.
  • Players who are Output Gaming Team Members, or who are Banned on Output Gaming servers during the giveaway period will be ineligible for participation in the giveaway.

Don’t forget that if server 1 is full, we have a second server and we have applied Hardcore settings on our AU#2 server for the duration of the event.

As always if you have any questions our discord is here:

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