ArmA3 Server Lockdown Madness!

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It’s lockdown madness on our ArmA servers!

To help cope with the state lockdowns, we’ve made some updates to our ArmA KOTH servers!

King Of The Hill – AU #1 Infantry

We’ve upped our in game player slots to 80 before VIP reserved slots kick in.

King Of The Hill – AU #2 HC Infantry Fast Match

Thanks to Myzteriouz1 and Sa-Matra our #2 ArmA server has been updated as follows:

72 in-game slots before VIP required

Mostly duplicated version of AU#1 Settings

Now Running Infantry First-Person, with vehicle Third-Person

FastMatch (Ticks are 15 seconds all the time, so quicker rounds)

Towers Removed

Priority Zone will be moving quicker on average

Individual FTGE Perk is removed, but is enabled globally for everyone (if you do have an FTGE issue, maybe drop an item before leaving safe zone).

Spawn trucks respawn instantly when destroyed.

Spawn truck usage timer reduced from 2 minutes => 1 minute

Spawn trucks distance from AO Updated from 100m => 200m

Come and test out Server #2’s gameplay!

If you want to join the Output Gaming #2 KOTH Fast Match server, you can do so through here:

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