New Addition: Squad Server

Do you like the feeling of sand in your combat boots? The sound of AK-47 rounds whizzing past your head? What about hitting an IED with your MRAP? Well, you can enjoy it all on our new 40 vs 40 Squad server!

Come join in and help us get things rolling with the New Squad server for Output Gaming, we know you love Arma 3 and a lot of you love Squad so we thought why not have both setup for the enjoyment of both of these great games!

But what is Squad?

Squad is a squad based (hence the name) shooter, it is a much more tactical shooter than the likes of most FPS’s. You move in a squad of up to nine players attempting to capture and hold several objectives on very detailed and well designed maps based on mostly real world locations from Northern Europe, Eastern Europe, Southern Asian, the Middle East and North America.
The game boasts seven different factions (with more coming) that you can fight for including: The United States Army, Russian Ground Forces, The British Army, The Canadian Army, Insurgents, Irregular Militia, Middle Eastern Alliance and soon to come the Australian Defense Force.
These forces run everything from standard small arms for each army, to tanks, helicopters and all manners of small and larger vehicles. Want to be part of a dedicated tank crew? Go ahead, give it a shot! Want to do logistics and build FOBs? There is that option too! Want to just shoot at ‘bad guys’? You can even just do that! Just make sure you take care of your team mates, everyone in your squad is a buddy and you need to keep them with you.

Don’t have Squad? Purchase it below!

Join our server using the link below or find it in the custom Squad server browser using “Output” as the search term! (We are currently working on getting it officially listed, having players helps a lot!)

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