Website v2, New Logo and 6 Month Update!

Well, it’s now been 6 months, and I would like to thank all of our players for working with us during the re-shuffle of everything.

Over the past 6 months, we’ve experienced a large amount of changes, and reached some Milestones.

You can read on for further information on them below.

Website & Social

  • Thanks to Fingerguns for his work on releasing our Website v2. This includes better integration of Contributor time. You can now login to the site, and see your available time, and more easily go through the process!
  • Over 50 Followers on our brand-new Facebook, and Twitter pages. Please ensure you like and follow, as news will be cross-posted to them in future:
  • New Mascot & Logo – We’ve finally introduced a new Logo/Mascot for Output Gaming.

Admin / Moderator Team Growth

  • Welcome to our new Moderator Team Members: Hayden, Onix, ShadowGapan, Anasasi
  • Welcome to our new Admin Team Members: Warchief, SnowyGtz, 1ROnS1DE
  • Welcome to our new Staff Member: Crazyhorse


  • Re-Introduction of Server 3 in ARMA3, which is utilised for alternative Game Modes, such as 1944.
  • Release of KoTH v12.
  • Re-labelling of our servers, and introduction of our Infantry only Server, which has turned into a server loved by many of our players.

General Game Server Stuff

  • Introduction of a SCUM Server.
  • Introduction of a Space Engineers Server.
  • Securing our Servers for 12 month’s in advanced – A massive thank you to all of those who have contributed towards this.
  • Obtaining a new Higher-Spec Processor Server, which will be going towards future games, which require large CPU Power.


  • Reaching over 1500 Recent Users, with an average of 500 on nightly.
  • Almost 150 Tagged Contributors on our Discord


  • Giving out over 250 Free Contributor days to those who have actively played on our servers during event times over the past couple of months.
  • Reaching over 2,300 Individual Contributors since we started accepting Contributions in early 2015 ( Prior to that, I was paying for it out of my own pocket since ~ Mid-Late 2012 )
  • Continuing to Pass a large portion of contributions through to Sa-Matra who works tirelessly to keep the ARMAKoTH development going.

Overall, I’d like to thank all of our Contributors, and our Dedicated Team for helping us grow, and continue to provide the servers which everyone knows and loves.

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Founder of OutputGaming. Operating Infrastructure, and Back-End Development. Myzteriouz1 is also a Staff member for the WS, and ARMAKOTH Community.

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