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As you may have seen recently, there have been a slew of new changes on the Output Gaming Discord servers and several other servers popping up from us here at OGOC – As well as this, some new moderators have joined the team! What I intend to do with this post is go through some of the more major changes that have happened within the Output Gaming community and some of what is happening going forward!

Lets start with some important new announcements.

Staff Changes

Staff changes happen quite regularly, this can be due to so many different mitigating factors including peoples real life obligations, after all, we’re all people. But I want to keep you up to date with this months changes, just so you guys understand who is around to help!
Also, congratulate the new staff as the role is no easy task!

New/Returning Staff

Returning Staff:


Anasasi is a King of The Hill, Squad moderator and a content contributor who has returned to the role.


Poppa is one of our King of The Hill moderators, he hath returned to the role.

New Staff


Bucky is a King of The Hill, DayZ and Squad moderator that has just joined the team, welcome him!


Thrak is a King of The Hill, DayZ and Squad moderator that has just joined the team, welcome him!

Promoted Staff

Both of the below staff have been promoted from ‘Admins’ to ‘Senior Staff’, congratulate them in this as this takes a lot of work and dedication in the community to take place!


Ferzhuzad has gained the title of Senior Staff through a lot of hard work and dedication to the community, including some of his work behind the scenes and with the Warlord Server.


Chimpy, as he is known, is a newly appointed Senior Staff member that has put a lot of work in within the community to see it come out stronger, better, bigger. He is also not happy with OGOC Bot Games taking his coins.

Discord Changes

New Ticketing System

The community has been going through Discord/Teamspeak/Website for most of its issue resolving for a little while, there was a change needed that allowed the community better access to report players, appeal bans, provide feedback, ask for help or even apply to become a staff member. This has resulted in the consolidation of all these servers on to Discord using our new ticket system.

What are tickets used for?

Tickets are able to be used for any critical feedback or important information that needs to be passed through to the community moderators, admins and senior staff. This can be anything from Reporting misbehavior on a server, appealing a recent ban that you have received from the community or just asking for help when you are stuck.

This system allows all staff to see that you have submitted a ticket and allows those with the knowledge on how to help, help you. You may not instantly receive a response, but rest assured that we are keeping tabs on it as much as we can!

Please make sure, when you make a ticket that you are following the guidelines in the #request-help channel on our Discord so that we can assist in the best way that we can.

Channel Changes

Discord channels have undergone a huge overhaul, with a bit more segregation for each associated game. Each major game has its own text and voice chat sections as well as a section outlining the rules for the server of that game. They generally have two to three voice channels allowing for various groups to be able to communicate effectively.

When we launch a new game server, we generally always had a section for them, however, they were usually a bit more mixed. This segregation has allowed for a cleaner look where you can minimize the sections that you do not want to read/be in. On top of this, we now have more general or ‘public’ channels, allowing for general discussion to take place.

There has also been some further announcement channel additions, we now have a birthday channel that allows for you to get your birthday added so that you can have this announced – You may also wish to open up your Wishlist on Steam to public so friends and community members can potentially gift you the games you want!

Below are some screenshots of the new layout now – unfortunately, I do not have a before and after and I apologize for that.

New ‘Game’ Bot

We all like a run at the pokies occasionally, right? Right..? Look, I like the shiny lights, okay.

Well, good news if you do, we have a new addition to our bot that allows for you to gain coins on our discord server, these can be used to buy several shop items and we are constantly adding to this. This bot is found under the general channels section in #ogoc-bot-games.

There is no real goal to this, unless you want to flex your riches on other Discord members with new badges, items and potentially new roles (TBD). However, it is god fun watching those you game with in the community bet all of their money and lose it all on the roll of some dice.

How does it work?

The ‘Economy’

The OGOC Bot Games economy is based on ‘coins’, these coins are earned through various games and methods and can be used to purchase various different items, badges and roles.

Earning Coins/Games

Coins are earned through either doing your hourly ‘!work’ command, grabbing your ‘!daily’ or through the games listed below!

Dice – Command: !dice [amount]: This game is straight forward, you type ‘!dice [amount]‘, the bot will then roll dice for you and an opponent, whoever has the highest wins. If you roll double, it doubles the amount you win. If you get double sixes, your opponent automatically gives up and you win bonus coins.

Roulette – Command: !roulette [amount]: This is best explained as Russian Roulette, typing in ‘!roulette [amount]‘ will start a game that rolls your RNG dice and makes you pray to RNGesus that you don’t lose. If you win, you get your initial amount plus a bonus back. When you win, you can type ‘Continue’ to keep trying, this can go up to max of 5 times and if you live through it you get an extra bonus on top.

Guess – Command: !guess [amount]: In a game of guess, you are given one job, get the number right. Sounds easy, right? Maybe not, it happens to be one of the most frustrating games in this roster. Start this game by typing ‘!guess [amount]‘, you are then given a choice to type your guess between 1 and 100, if wrong, you move to the next choice with the bot telling you it is either less than or greater than the number you entered. You get 5 guesses, use them wisely, each guess lost means you lose bonus coins.

Rock, Paper, Scissors – Command: !rps [amount] [choice]: A classic game, transferred to our patented bot so that you can get frustrated at your scissors getting mangled by a rock. Get this game rolling by typing ‘!rps [amount] [choice]’, choice being your chosen savior between rock, paper and scissors. The bot plays your choice and fires the opponents back. If you win, you double your money, if you draw you get your gamble back and if you lose you lose your money and your ability to brag about winning rock, paper, scissors every time.

These games are only allowed to be played every hour however, so just as a general rule of thumb, it is good to coincide them with your ‘!work’ claims. Plus, it is enjoyable, you may get neat little things that you can buy with the coins in future and you get to see who is the richest on the server.

Richest as of 15/05/2021

Other General Changes

At this stage, the general updates are pretty sparse, most changes have been already mentioned, however, we have started to put our social media back into use. You should head over and give us a like and a follow so that you can see our updates on a more regular basis and so you can further support and expand our community as a whole!




On that note, content should now also be more consistent across all of our current platforms, there will be future update posts like this one when staff changes happen, when major community events happen and when there are announcements that need to be made. Keep an eye on all channels because we will be posting deals from other platforms when they come up so you are aware too (Steam, GOG, Epic Games, etc).

I appreciate you all for reading this and hope you all have a fantastic weekend.

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