ARMA 3: Warlords

We have now got an ARMA 3 Warlords server up and running! Check it out here.

The Malden Warlords map by Ferzhuzad as at 7/12/2019

What is Warlords?

“In Warlords, there are two competing teams, and their goal is to capture the base of the opposite side. Players start the match by joining either the NATO or CSAT faction. Both teams then need to start conquering sectors across the map, belonging to non-player AI forces from the AAF faction. By establishing a chain of linked sectors, opponents can plan a route from their own base to their enemy’s base. Once they reach their destination, they can stage an assault against the opposing side’s base to win the game.

During the match, players can also earn Command Points. The better an individual’s performance on the battlefield and the more sectors held by their team, the greater number of points they will have available to them. These can be used to request airdrops with additional vehicles, special weapons, superior gear, friendly AI reinforcements, or strategic advantages such as fast travel and sector scans.” See here for more info.

Is Warlords for me?

Warlords is for everyone. There are no mods required, just run ARMA 3 then join the server. Gameplay may remind you of KOTH at some stages, especially capturing the sectors. The biggest difference is Warlords uses the entire map, and there are many sectors that will need to be captured and often recaptured. PVP from the beginning is possible and allowed, provided you do not harass the main bases until your team has targeted it on the map.

Warlords Tips:

  • Open your map to vote for sectors.
  • Press and hold I to access the Warlords Menu.
  • Purchase infantry, equipment crates, vehicles etc in the Warlords menu.
  • If the enemy has capped one of your previously owned sectors, you CAN and should recap it without voting/targeting it on the map.
  • To repair vehicles you can purchase Repair Specialists, or Repair Trucks.
  • To rearm/refuel vehicles you can purchase the relevant trucks in the Warlords menu.
  • Infantry are controlled by selecting them with F1-F4, notice that they will be highlighted on the bottom left of your screen. You can then use 1-0 (again on top of the keyboard) to issue them different orders. You can also do this with your map open to send them anywhere.
  • If you disable enemy vehicles rather than destroying them, you can then take them for your own use. Repair Specialists will help with this.
BLUFOR/NATO Starting Area
OPFOR Starting Zone

Current features:

  • Friendly combatants will be marked, out to 4KM. Be careful as the AI will return fire on team killers. Script author: Colin J.D. Stewart
  • EAR PLUGS! Roll your mouse wheel to access them. Script author:
  • Weapons, uniforms, UAV terminals and other equipment are available in the crates at main bases. Please note that once these resources are used, they will not re-spawn.
  • Starting CP is set to 100.
  • Subordinate limit is 4.
  • OGOC/Rules Billboards are scattered around the map. Be sure to follow the rules.
  • Defensive assets such as mortars, sandbags, bunkers, static turrets, AT/AA launchers, SAM sites and radar sites and much more can be placed in objectives owned by your team.
  • The map has fortifications placed in most sectors and AAF/INDI supplies are scattered all over the place. They have basic AAF/INDI weapons and ammo only.
  • Fast Travel is only enabled to owned sectors.
  • Support Requester! Press 0 then 8 (top of keyboard, not the num pad) to access the supports! Note that the timer is for the entire team and not just you. First in, best dressed.
The Support Requester system. These take time to arrive. Remember to mark on the map where artillery/bombs will land!

I have spent a lot of time learning and laboring to bring this Warlords map to life. I am very proud of it and it has been designed for 10v10 team/clan play. I have added many new assets and systems not originally found in Warlords, which I feel truly adds to the game play. I hope you enjoy it. -Ferzhuzad

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