Dayz March 2022 Wipe

A new world to explore

On Friday, March 11th, 2022 I will be wiping our current Dayz setup and will replace it with the next world to explore. We will be going to Deer Isle, an excellent map created by JohnMAcLane. 

A little history for context

Jelení Ostrov, otherwise better known to us westerners as Deer Isle, is an idyllic collection of islands on the eastern coast of South Zagorgia. The historical landmarks of the island are still present and date back to the 11th century when the ethnic chernarussians had established a fishing community.

During the Soviet times, the southern part of the islands was heavily developed and industrialised. Several oil rigs were also established in the early 1980s when petrol was found not far of the coast.

With the industrialisation and the tensions with the West, the Soviet powers had heavily militarised the island. The NKVD even established a prison to house political prisoners. There are even talks of secret research labs scattered around the island. 

After the collapse of the soviet block, the nationalist sentiment that ripped through the ex-soviet block saw the small island nation try to find its place in the international scene. Just before the turn of the century, in an attempt to get closer to the west, the island’s governing powers decided to westernise most of the island’s locality names and change its name to Deer Isle. 

South Zagoria

A heavy promotion of a conservation policy saw the development of the island’s tourism industry in the early 2000s. In 2004, the creation of a race track gave a huge boost to local tourism. With a brilliant education system inherited from the Soviet era, it was not long before the local government was able to transform the old heavy industry still present to more high-tech industries.

English became the official language alongside the local dialect in 2006 after the invasion and takeover over ex-soviet republics by Russia. Regardless, the island had kept close ties to the mainland.

Not long after the virus ripped through South Zagoria, the first infected appeared on the island

The OGOC Dayz server

If you have player DeerIsle in the past you know how the map is full of surprises. The latest version released by JohnMcLane has plenty of additions. And we will be playing on the winter version of the map! Mods required are available in this collection (link here). If you have played recently on our Chernarus server you will already have the majority of the mods.

The Expansion Market is set up and it is a dynamic market. This means that prices are linked to stock and transactions. In addition, the traders can only sell what they have available. The trader hub is situated on Groot’s Hill and you will be able to see the location marker. A word of caution: use the Trader as a facility: don’t expect to spawn in, run to the trader and buy your favourite gear. There is also black ops/secret/dark trader somewhere on the map. But it is secret squirrel stuff and I can’t tell you where it is without having to kill you.

Check out the rules here on the website, on Discord or in-game using the player book (shortcut is [B]).

There are several no-build zones where it will not be possible to install a base or drop. The base building rules still apply to the rest of the map. If you do build a base that breaks the rules we will try to contact you through the game and in our Discord. If you do not respond/fix your base, you may have your base deleted by the admin team.

To find your position on the map, you can use old school Map&Nav. However, if you manage to find a compass, you will see the compass HUD appear on your screen as well as a marker on the map to show your exact position.

 A GPS can also help if you know how to use one and have one in your inventory. 

Vehicles are available of course. I will be adding more spawn locations as we go. 

Remember that vehicles in Dayz are glitchy: use at your own risk. If your vehicle glitches, it is on you. We do not and will not compensate any losses in those instances as explained in the rules.

Loot is plentiful and varied. So keep looking: you may find that rare Golden Deagle or the Joker’s 1911 that will give you bragging rights and fetch a handsome amount when sold at the Trader.

The infected still have varied characteristics and the day/night cycle will also modify their abilities. Rick and Darryl’s advice is still valid: certain weapons will allow you to take down an infected with one shot to the head, no matter what strength it has.

Chemical attacks are happening in random locations as well as air raids. NBC gear is extremely rare so be cautious. Tip: your blood is the best cure for chemical intoxication.

As always, DayZ is challenging by definition. OGOC’s DeerIsle will certainly test you: you will start with little; you won’t need much to get yourself in a pickle, and you’ll have even less before you know it. And to give any player some advice: take your time, use what you have, not what you wish for. 

Happy surviving, may you all see the sunrise once more!

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