DayZ Server Wipe

The wipe is not far away. In fact, it will happen this Friday (December 17th, 2021).

You can quickly check that you have all the mods needed to prepare. I have grouped them in this collection. Then, take the time to check out the respective mod pages on Steam. Some of the mods will allow you to create various items.

Like with the previous wipe back in September, many features have been tweaked or changed: stamina, zombie characteristics (more on that below), airdrop mission, contents, loot table, etc…

Just like now, when you spawn, you will start with random clothing and bag. Of course, you will have some basic equipment like limited food, some water, a source of light and a knife. Make good use of them.

You will also notice that winter has settled in, so keep warm and keep your clothes dry.

Winter is here!

We have over 20 customised zones: look for the revamped towns, caves, and of course, traders.

Be mindful that the traders are set up as a facility, and not a means to survive.
Nor should you use the traders to become the player with the most on the server.

You can check the in-game Book for the server rules (also available here on this website). The shortcut is [B]. 

To find your position on the map, you can use old school Map&Nav. If you manage to find a compass, you will see the compass HUD appear on your screen as well as a marker on the map to show your exact position.
A GPS can also help if you know how to use one and have one in your inventory. Add a battery to activate it, turn it on, and hold the [N] key for it to pop up on your screen.

There are plenty of vehicles and spare parts available around the map. You can also buy vehicles at the trader.
Remember that vehicles in Dayz are glitchy: use at your own risk. If your vehicle glitches, it is on you. We do not and will not compensate any losses in those instances as explained in the rules.

Some of the new vehicles replacing the Defender.

Loot is plentiful and varied. So keep looking: you may find that rare Golden Deagle or the Joker’s 1911 that will give you bragging rights and fetch a handsome amount when sold at the traders.
If you cannot find a specific item, you may need to broaden your search. Airdrops can hold rarer items. For example, NBC loot is now rare: you may be able to get some from the medical airdrops. Did someone mention that nails may be hard to find? Look out for the base builder airdrops.
About airdrops: there are over 20 different possible locations for airdrops. The airdrops will not always fall in the proximity of the announced target.

Airdrops are guarded.

The infected will now have different characteristics: some will be harder to take down, others will just fall over when you take a swipe at them. The day/night cycle will also modify their abilities. Some infected can break open closed doors. If you follow Rick or Darryl’s lead, certain weapons will allow you to take down an infected with one shot to the head, no matter what strength it has.

Chernarus’ environment is unforgiving. You’ll have plenty to worry about between the local fauna, the infected, and the weather. Of course, the server will add random air raids, sporadic chemical artillery bombings and there are also the fixed contaminated zones. Finally, other players you will cross paths with may create an extra challenge.
Remember: incoming fire always has the right of way and is never friendly!

DayZ is challenging by definition. You start with little; you don’t need much to get yourself in a pickle, and you have even less before you know it.

If I were to give any new DayZ player one tip, it would be to take your time, use what you have, not what you wish for. Or as said Wyatt Earp: “Make haste, slowly“. 

Happy surviving, may you all see the sun rise once more!

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