Game in style, OGOC Mousepad has arrived!

The last couple of weeks I’ve got this product manufactured and printed, today I’m pleased to announce our first release of the

OGOC Mouse Pad(300x800x2MM),with 15 contribution days for $31 + shipping


The mouse pad is constructed of the same material you find on most control gaming mousepads, it’s good quality, washable and doesn’t stretch! Most of all our print is outstanding!

All orders of the now in-stock 300x800x2MM mouse pads will come with a free OGOC sticker included free of charge! 

Currently, we can get these made in the following sizes if you wish to order one please place an order selecting the correct size.

  • 300x800x2MM
  • 400x800x2MM
  • 400x900x2MM
  • 400x800x3MM
  • 400x900x3MM
  • 400x900x4MM
  • 400x900x5MM



Add a mousepad or sticker to your battle station today

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Founder of OutputGaming. Front-End and Back-End Development. Fingerguns is also a Developer for the WS, and ARMAKOTH Community.

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