KoTH v14 – Spawn Truck Mechanics

In KoTH V14 Sa-Matra introduced the Spawn Vehicle Mechanic. This vehicle is a cut-down version of an APC, which can be driven into the AO, and used as a remote spawn device for Infantry.

Respawn times of the Spawn Vehicle

This depends on what is happening at the exact moment your spawn vehicle is destroyed.

  • If the team is not in control, or the AO is contested by two teams, the Spawn Vehicle timer is based on the ‘Loser’ value – On our servers it’s 60 seconds.
  • If the team has control of the AO, the Respawn timer is based on the ‘Winner’ value – On our servers it’s currently 5 minutes.

Spawning into the Vehicle as Passenger

If your team has a valid Spawn Truck up, you can see a ‘Spawn Ready’ sign in the AO Hut ( The map ). Go up to the map, and you can select ‘Spawn Vehicles’, and choose a vehicle to spawn on.

Delivering the Vehicle to the AO

The Spawn Vehicle needs to get to the AO somehow. To give a player the incentive to take it to the AO, and get it in a safe space. You have multiple rewards for this:

  • The initial Delivery to the AO will give you a small boost in XP
  • Each player who spawns on the Spawn Vehicle after you will give you a ‘delivery bonus’ similar to what you would receive using another Vehicle, or Landing a Helicopter.

These benefits will only apply to the first person to deliver the vehicle to the AO, until it’s destroyed.

Disabling a Spawn Vehicle

Spawn Vehicles will stop permitting spawns if it’s disabled. This can be done by taking out it’s engine, half it’s wheels, or flipping it upside down. This gives another mechanic to the game, as the spawn vehicle doesn’t re spawn at your base until it’s destroyed, repaired or cleaned up by the Game Engine.

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