This Weeks Game Deals (19/05/2021)

These are the deals of this week from major retailers that we think you, the community, would enjoy! These deals are from any source we can look at: Steam, Epic Games, G.O.G., Humble Bundle, etc.


The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Offer Ends: 28th May (can also be found on GOG Galaxy)

We’ve all seen The Witcher 3, if you haven’t bought this fantastic fantasy game yet, you can pick it up for 80% off, this includes the GoTY edition – See the steam page for further info on the GoTY edition.

Insurgency: Sandstorm – Offer Ends: 25/05/2021

A solid FPS game that can be extremely fun, it is currently 50% off – Get it while it’s hot!

Supraland – Offer Ends: 22/05/2021

Supraland is a super fun puzzle platformer that I suggest, if you are unsure of you at least try the demo, I personally have done a full play through and would definitely recommend it for something different.

The Outer Worlds – Offer Ends: N/A

The Outer is a bizarre RPG that has some extremely fun premises and characters with a story driven by your actions, definitely worth checking it out whilst it is on sale!

Space Haven – Offer Ends: 22/05/2021

A personal favourite from steam – Ever wanted to build a spaceship that traverses the bounds of space, have your crew hate eachother and enslave pirates for no reason other than personal gain? This is your game!

GOG Galaxy

Click the images to go to the store!

Cyberpunk – 71.99AUD – 20% Off – Deal Ends: N/A

Cyberpunk – What hasn’t been said about this game – Good bad or in between it is an experience.

Risk Of Rain – 3.29AUD – 74% Off – Deal Ends: N/A

The original Risk Of Rain is on sale, a fantastic game which is a must have for the price!

My Friend Pedro – 14.49AUD 50% OffDeal Ends: N/A

A side scrolling shooter about a man with a talking banana named Pedro, what more could you want?

Epic Games Store

Unfortunately, there aren’t many games on the Epic Games Store that we can recommend, if you have any comment them below and we may add them.
However, we will have a post about the next free game from their vault when it releases!

Humble Bundle

Click the images to go to the bundles!

Humble Deck Build & Battle – Ends in 8 Days

Well, these are the deals that we think you will enjoy, please have a look through the stores though and see what deals you can tag up as there are some good ones going on right now that may be more to your tastes!

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