New Minecraft Modpack – Not Too Complicated 2

As our last modpack has run it’s course, we’ve released a new modpack called Not Too Complicated 2 (NTC2).

In order to join our latest Minecraft server, you will need to go ahead and install a few things, and use a custom minecraft launcher.

Installation Steps

Download CurseForge and Install it to your local system. It may require you to install Overwolf as it’s an Overwolf based application.

Once the launcher is opened, Navigate to Minecraft -> Modpacks, and enter “Not Too Complicated 2” into the search box and hit Enter.

Select Install, and it will download and install the modpack

Navigate back to “My Modpacks”, and you should now see it in the list with all the mods downloading.

Configure your Java settings

Some of the Modpacks can be quite Heavy.

Head on into your CurseForge settings, locate Minecraft under Game Specific

And make sure the slider for “Allocated Memory” under Java Settings reads at least 6GB.

Play the game and join our server

Once downloaded, you should now see it properly showing in the list.

Mouse-over, and click ‘Play’!

In the Minecraft Launcher, it will prompt you to login using your Minecraft account. Continue through and it will open a new window, and start loading.

Due to the size of modpacks, it can take a few minutes to start the game.

Once the game is loaded, go into Multiplayer, and Agree to the notice about online play.

You will see that the game default has two servers already listed on the system. You can delete these if you wish. One is a local area connection for friends/family within your home network. The other is the official Not Too Complicated 2 Online Server. 

You can delete these servers from your server listing by selecting the listed server and then selecting the delete button once it becomes selectable. 

To connect to the Ouput Gaming Official Server click “Add Server”

Enter the below configuration to add our server to your server list, and click “Done”.

You can now select our server, and join it!

The server will restart every 4 hours to make sure that it’s operating to peak efficiency. It can take upwards of 10 minutes for the reboots to happen!

Once you have joined, press “T” on your keyboard to open the ingame chat screen and type “/skyblock create” to be whisked away to your own private island!!

Enjoy your adventure and don’t be afraid to join our Minecraft Discussion channel on discord if you have any issues!

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