1 Year on and going strong!

Our 1 year anniversary has been and gone during the month of June. While others have gone away, Output Gaming Lives on, and continues powering through the year.

We’ve seen a few things this year, such as an influx of new users, some new DLC, as well as trying some new games out.

While games like Battlefield have let us down, ARMA3 is still going strong in it’s 6th year! (While not always under the “Output Gaming” name, We’ve been running ARMA Gameservers since late ARMA2 over 6 years ago on hardware managed by our current team)

Alsso – with the help of our ARMA Community, we have also been able to expand into hosting Squad, as well as other games over the years.

Earlier in the year, I did a quick update as we reached our 6 month anniversary of our new name, and we are continuing on from that point stronger than ever!

To extend from our 6 Month Milestone update, we’ve seen some additional Milestones Reached:

  • Hosting and Infrastructure Including:
    • Securing our Server hosting for another 12 months, as of the upcoming July/August Renewal Period!
    • Transitioning to a new Hosting Provider, after recent instabilities with our old provider. ( Currently Underway by myself in the background )
  • Staff Changes Including:
    • Hayden, and Onix were promoted to full Game Admin Team
    • Ferzhuzad has joined our Moderator Team
  • Discord Updates Including:
    • Tagged Contributors almost reaching the 200 mark
    • Recent introduction of a chatbot to make the process of being tagged as a contributor easier on everyone
  • Website Updates Including:
    • Function to allow players to transfer Contribution Days between players
    • Adding in our Merch store, with some custom Merchandise
    • Adding in some Additional Giveaways, including Games, and
  • Squad
  • Changes to ARMA3:
    • Release of KoTH v13 to co-incide with the start of July
    • Introduction of our ARMA3 Warlords Server – Thanks to Ferzhuzad, and 1R0NS1DE for their work on this.
    • Re-Introduced Light Vehicles to AU#2, as it’s primary Game Mode
    • Utilising AU#2 for Weekend, and Weekday Events – Some have included Pistol-only Gamemode, SMG Gamemode, Max 7.62 Calibre GameMode, and a few others to come in future.
  • New Minecraft GameModes:
  • New Merchandise being Added Including:
    • Stickers
    • Mousepads
    • Shirts + Jumpers ( In progress – Check out below for Fing3rguns Modelling v1 of our new Jumpers )
Fing3rguns modelling our new Hoodie v1 design – With a few small tweaks they’ll be available soon!

Thanks again to all of our Contributors for their support – You guys make this possible!

I’d also like to thank all of my team for their work throughout the year to keep Output Gaming running. As Volunteers our Staff team works alongside myself to keep everything running smoothly. Make sure you thank them next time you talk to someone!

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Founder of OutputGaming. Operating Infrastructure, and Back-End Development. Myzteriouz1 is also a Staff member for the WS, and ARMAKOTH Community.

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