This Weeks Game Deals (27/05/2021)

Welcome back to another weekly post of the best game deals that we believe the community will like! If you have any suggestions for deals you have seen that you wish to be considered, let me know in the comments.

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Firstly, coming up shortly is the Steam Open world sale, this post will not include sales from that but I may put in a further post for this. We’ll see! But, without further ado, lets get into what’s available now.

Frostpunk – 66% Off – Offer Ends: 01/06/21

Frostpunk is an absolutely brutal and incredible city builder that has so many scenarios to play. Most of which your citizens and their children freeze to death and you subsequently fail. Above all else a recommendation for those that love a tough time but also love to see their settlements thrive.

Human: Fall Flat – 60% Off – Offer Ends: 04/06/21

Haha, funny primate fall over. You can play with up to eight of your friends to platform your way to victory. Alternatively you be dead weight, up to you.

Northgard – 60% Off – Offer Ends: 01/06/21

Northgard is a Real Time Strategy game set in the Norse universe, where you command a Viking settlement to do your bidding. You will unfold many mysteries in your attempts to conquer new, mysterious lands.

Unrailed – 55% Off – Offer Ends: 07/06/21

A fantastic co-op experience wherein you and your friends must work together to build a train track, in fact you are building it across a procedurally generated landscape.

Detroit: Become Human – 30% Off – Offer Ends: 01/06/21

A great story driven game where you are one of three androids, where you control the outcome through your choices and actions. In sum it’s worth a look if you enjoy single player story games.


GOG always has good deals, they are also DRM free. So if you want to pick up games you don’t need a launcher for check GOG out!

The Settlers Series (2, 3, 4) – 75% Off

The Settlers is a great series that is long standing and still expanding. Besides the age, are great titles that are still very, very comfortable to play. I’d suggest picking them up whilst they are so cheap. However, you may need to seek mods for higher resolution play.

However, if you do not want to mess around with the resolution tweaks, you can pick up the full history pack for 65% off on uPlay here!

Click the images below to go to the store pages!

Caves of Qud – 10% Off

If you like dying, you’ll like this game. In fact it’s a roguelike with a lot of RNG and dice rolling on everything. Pick it up if you like a challenge. Additionally, it has a huge modding scene.

Click the images below to go to the store pages!

This War of Mine – 75% Off (All DLC also 75% off)

This War of Mine is a great story driven survival game. You start with start with a crew of survivors in a war torn city and your goal is to survive the war that is going on around you. Of course, it’s worth a play.

Click the images below to go to the store pages!

They Are Billions – 10% Off

Do you like Real Time Strategies where you are facing endless, hungry hordes? You’ll love They Are Billions. However, not the biggest discount but definitely worth a shot.

Click the images below to go to the store pages!

Humble Bundle

Rising Storm 2 Bundle – $13.15AUD for entire bundle

This bundle has up to 15 games available in it, this is an extremely good deal.

Click the images below to go to the store pages!

Guilty Gear Bundle – $12.90AUD for entire bundle

Guilty Gear is a fighting game and this bundle is fantastic value if you love fighting games!

Click the images below to go to the store pages!

Remember, these aren’t the only deals of this week, these are just some that we are highlighting. Furthermore, there are sales currently on going and coming up such as the Epic Store sale and the Open World sale on Steam.

Finally, I hope you get some games that you want this week around and I appreciate the time you’ve taken to read this.

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