Announcement: Free Trial VIP Period

Over the past few months we have been working on upgrading our VIP System. As part of this, it allows us to offer new opportunities to our users, such as a VIP Trial! If you are unsure what VIP is and/or does, check out this page.

As Such we are offering a once-off 7 Day Trial of VIP to all of our users. This is including anyone who has previously contributed before.

In order to be eligible, add the below product to your cart, and use the coupon “FREE-7D-VIP” when you checkout.

This coupon is available once per user. If the coupon has already been claimed, or does not get entered the product will bill out at $3.50.

Once the item is added to the cart, and the checkout process is completed it should apply to your VIP balance almost immediately.

for King of the Hill; Reserved slots should be available within a few minutes, and in-game VIP will be attributed when you rejoin the server (or at 4AM!)

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Founder of OutputGaming. Operating Infrastructure, and Back-End Development. Myzteriouz1 is also a Staff member for the WS, and ARMAKOTH Community.

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