We’re launching our first Minecraft “Expert” mode pack!

In the wake of our Sister Community Inquisition Network shutting her servers this week, we have started off by introducing our first Minecraft “Expert” pack to the community.

Getting Started

In order to get started in this pack, you can visit the page below to install the new Modpack. It isn’t for the faint of heart, and is meant to be a challenging experience, and does take some time investment!

For the experts, the modpack is Create: Above and Beyond and you can join our server on mc1.ogoc.com.au:25565

You can check out an intro to the game mode on Youtube below.

Once Logged in

Once you have managed to login to the game, and connect to our server, you will start off in a simple little building at spawn with some simple protections. To start off, you will need to use the /rtp command in order to locate yourself a starting base.

Server Restarts

The server will restart every 4 hours (Roughly starting warning you around 10-minutes prior to restarting. Make sure once you see the notifications that you close off what you’re doing and re-join back after it’s completed. The restart itself may take until 5 minutes past the hour to be completed!

Setting your Home Base

Once you have found a location to start your base. You can use /sethome to set your own custom home. There is a cooldown to use this command though. You can access your default home by typing in /home

You have the ability to also set multiple homes (2 for non-VIP players) in order to teleport between locations. If you want to create a new home, with a custom name, just use /sethome name and then you can go back to that location with /home name

Teaming Up

If you have a Friend or Friends you would like to team up with, you are able to use /ftbteams in order to invite them to your team and work together.

Use /ftbteams party create to create your team.

Use /ftbteams party invite <name> to invite someone to your team.

The Quest System

In your inventory you will find a “Guide Book” image. Open it up and read through the “Welcome” system in order to see the available quests, and to get you started!

Claiming your Chunks

In your inventory you will find a “Map” image. Open it up, and then click on it again to access your “Claimed Chunks”. Select the area’s you would like to claim. You will also find your available numbers for Claimed, and Force-Loaded chunks down the bottom left of the screen. Shift-Clicking a claimed chunk will allow you to “Force-Load” it. This means it’ll stay producing while you are offline.

We will typically unload these claimed chunks once per day so they’re not online permanently as it can cause server lag!

VIP Bonuses

We are planning on introducing VIP bonuses into the game but for the meantime are still working on the system. Once this is ready the below bonuses will be available in-game for VIP players.

  • Additional “Home” spawns will be available
  • Additional “Claimed Chunks” will be available
  • Additional “Force Loaded Chunks” will be available

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