Atlas at last!

Howdy sailors! On Christmas morning I booted our first server, it’s running nice and stable with a 1×2 grid with 2XP and some modifier work on the player health/vitamin drains. I’ll be adding them to the server list in the future but for now, you can view them here out of the game

OGOC FreePort (A1)
OGOC Uncharted Lands(A2)

The island scenery is jaw dropping.

What is Atlas?
Atlas in it’s simplest form is a full game modification of Ark. It brings a lot of new things like MMO aspects and making the map sizes about 1,200 times bigger. It also takes advantage of Nvidia’s WaveWorks which is absolutely beautiful. Best of all it’s pirate themed! What’s not to love!

What are the plans for Atlas and OGOC?
We plan on providing this server as long as it’s popular and supported by the community if you plan on playing on it please do invite friends and plunder the oceans with a company of like-minded! Currently, if you have active contributor days they also are active on Atlas servers and same goes with any new ones.

Watch out for the unexpected!

Once our new high clock speed box is ready to roll we will be able to start growing the map size a lot larger, currently, my estimations are a 3×3 grid with this new server.

Map changes do they affect my character?
No anytime I update the map/tiles your character is generally not affected, all data is stored and backed up every 15 minutes last time I checked šŸ™‚

How do I play this game?

Should I buy it now?
YES, it’s currently 17% off at $35.65 AUD, normal price is $42.95, developers have stated that the full price on release will be $60. Pick it up here

But steam says it has mostly negative reviews!
Don’t listen or feed the trolls, they all got angry because of issues on official servers on launch day these trolls will fade as their hate and realisation they spoke too soon kicks in. As with all Early access games please do expect patches and possible wipes (I’ll be trying to keep this to a minimum at all cost).

Personally, my little gameplay in-between building the map/server, the game and gameplay has been fantastic and so do the current 30+ players that have joined and started their journey of a lifetime!

See you on the oceans sailor!
Merry Christmas and happy new year from the OGOC team!

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