KoTH v14 – Spawn Truck Mechanics

In KoTH V14 Sa-Matra introduced the Spawn Vehicle Mechanic. This vehicle is a cut-down version of an APC, which can be driven into the AO, and used as a remote spawn device for Infantry. Respawn times of the Spawn Vehicle This depends on what is happening at the exact moment your spawn vehicle is destroyed. [...]

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Two years of Output Gaming!

As of Today Output Gaming has reached Two years old in it’s current form. While I have been running our servers for almost 8 years in total, today marks the 2nd anniversary since we merged our gameservers and community under the Output Gaming banner! This year, we have seen the start of our 7th year [...]

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KoTH Chernarus / Takistan & VIP Day Giveaway!

We have 100 VIP days (each) to give away to 4 lucky people as part of the release of the Chernarus / Takistan gamemodes. Starting this Friday the 7th of February, players will be able to take advantage of: TWO WEEKS of Double XP on all Chernarus/Takistan KoTH Servers 1x Free Gun/Launcher Unlock on all [...]

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New Stickers!

We’ve just gone ahead and added new Holographic Stickers to our Sticker pack! The Pack now includes 3 Stickers, 45 Contributor Days, for $10 plus Shipping (Normally $1.25 for postage AU Wide). High-quality vinyl stickers, they are fade resistant for 3 – 5 years. The printing is water resistant too. Pack Includes: 1x Standard OGOC [...]

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